1187 An unexpected meeting

    "I want this set." She gestured, tapping on the table.

    "Alright." The shopkeeper smiled. He took out the set of jewellery, put it on the tray and followed Feng Jiu.

    "I'll take this set, too." She pointed at another set of the azure gems inside the display. She intended to give this set to her grandmother!


    The shopkeeper smiled with his eyes narrowed. He took the jewellery out and continued to follow her while speaking to her. "Young Master has good taste. Our pieces of jewellery are all unrivalled. Our shop has the largest and the most complete collections in the whole imperial city. Moreover, our jewellery is our mark and the quality is first-class."

    Walking around the store for some time, it seemed to Feng Jiu that only those two sets took her fancy. "That will do. Let's check out!"

    "Alright. Young Master, this way, please." The shopkeeper asked him to go to the front. After helping her to check out, he put the items inside an exquisite jewellery box.

    "I wanted to come here two days ago, but I just couldn't find the time. I told you that, it's...it's you!"

    Three beautiful women walked in together. However, one of them, wearing a red skirt, immediately let out a shrill cry when she saw Feng Jiu who was putting away the jewellery box handed by the shopkeeper.

    Feng Jiu looked up and glanced at the woman. She didn't remember seeing her, so she didn't pay attention and stepped out after putting the things away.

    "Stop!" The red-dressed woman stretched out her hands to block and glared at Feng Jiu who looked dazzling and beautiful in her red dress. "Why are you here?"

    "Who are you? It's quite a mystery to me." With a flick of her hand, an invisible force came out of her sleeve and brushed the person away. Then, she walked out.

    The woman staggered a few steps back. Her body was supported by the other two so that she didn't tumble. When she was about to come forward, she was stopped by the two women."What's the matter? Do you know him? "

    "Hmph! I know this kid, even if I turn to ash. I have a huge quarrel with him." The red-dressed woman gritted her teeth. She shouted loudly at the figure in red who was stepping out. "Stop for me!"

    As soon as she spoke out, out came the swish of a whip. Its sound slashed through the air sharply.

    Feng Jiu, who was leaving, turned sideways and avoided the attack behind her without looking back. That whip attacked her from the side of her face but failed to hurt her.

    At this time, Bi Shan, who was guarding outside, came out with a stride and caught the whip with one hand. He pulled it as hard as he could so that the woman holding the whip was yanked outside and thrown to the ground violently.

    "Who are you! How dare you hurt my master!"

    When Bi Shan yelled, it was imbued along with his Golden Core aura, suppressing the woman who was thrown to the ground and couldn't even get up.

    Also, this is the Imperial City of Heaven's Prayer Country which was also the place where the Shangguan family located. As this woman was the young lady of the Shangguan family, who would have the gall to attack the Shangguan family's people in its own domain?

    Wasn't it courting one's own death? It was precisely because of this knowledge that no one dared to touch the Shangguan family. Thus, in this Imperial City, these family ladies went out without being accompanied by the guards.

    But, unexpectedly, today they bumped someone who didn't fear the Shangguan family. This move directly taught the Shangguan family's young lady a lesson.

    At this time, Feng Jiu stopped and turned to look at the woman in red who was lying on the ground. When she glanced over her body and the whip, she finally remembered who the woman was.
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