1188 The person is at the Pill Sun Sec

    "Let's go!" Feng Jiu said. She averted her eyes without caring about that woman at all and turned away to leave.

    Bi Shan hurriedly left behind her. When the woman saw that, she immediately gritted her teeth with fury. Her eyes were filled with anger and unwillingness as she stared at the people who had left.

    After entering the Imperial City and hurting her, he still thought of leaving? Hmph! She would let him know what would happen to those who offended her!

    While the woman went back to the Shangguan family to call people, Feng Jiu took Bi Shan to the Black Market. When they saw the Black Order, the Black Market chief came out personally to meet her.

    Bi Shan was surprised to see this. What's the origin of his master? The Black Market chief, whom some family heads found it difficult to meet with, had come out to welcome him personally?

    In his astonishment, he was taken into a place to rest while his master had been invited to enter the building. Even he had no idea what they were doing inside.

    "I just heard that Young Master Feng arrived at the Imperial City. Before having had the chance to pay a visit, Young Master Feng is already here." The Black Market chief smiled at Feng Jiu who was sitting on the first chair at the left. "I wonder for what purpose does Young Master Feng come to the Imperial City? Are there some matters that we can help you with?"

    He asked that on his own initiative. After all, with his an uncommon status, if the relationship with the Black Market was good and they could make it convenient for him, they would also get benefits in return.

    After serving the tea, the servant withdrew. Feng Jiu took a glance and spoke, "I'm here to get some news from the chief."

    "Oh? What kind of news would Young Master Feng want?"

    "The news of Shangguan family's Shangguan Wanrong."

    "Shangguan Wanrong?"

    The Black Market chief was stunned for a moment then smiled. "I remember that her news was investigated before and handed over to Young Master Feng. But, since Young Master Feng seldom showed up recently, perhaps you didn't know that Shangguan Wanrong was no longer here since half a year ago."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu's eyebrows were furrowed. "She's not here? What do you mean?"

    "Haha, this is the case. I presume Young Master Feng has also heard of Shangguan Wanrong's reputation. She is one of the most outstanding children in the Shangguan family. Although she was rarely seen out before, people know that she's staying inside the Shangguan mansion. A half a year ago, she was taken away by the Pill Sun Sect."

    When he spoke of this, the Black Market chief smiled. "Shangguan Wanrong is also lucky. She somehow attracted the attention of the largest alchemy sect in the Eight Supreme Empires, the Pill Sun Sect, and was accepted by Three Yang Assembly's master as his last disciple. This news caused a sensation half a year ago and people in all countries heard about it."

    Feng Jiu was surprised, but at the same time, she seemed lost in thought. "The largest alchemy sect of the Eight Supreme Empires?"

    Her mother was unexpectedly taken by Three Yang Assembly's master something and brought over as his last disciple?

    So, if she wanted to find her mother, she had to go to the Pill Sun sect?

    Originally, she thought that when she came here, she must bring her mother back home to reunite with her father. But, her mother had gone to the largest alchemy clan of the Eight Supreme Empires, so it was a lot of trouble for her to bring her mother back.

    She frowned and wondered about what to do next.

    The Black Market chief saw Feng Jiu's pensive look and his expression changed slightly. "Young Master Feng is not a small fish in a big pond. The Eight Supreme Empires are the place where the dragons soar to the sky. With your strength, why don't you go venture there?"
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