1189 Encountering the mercenary team

    When she heard his words, Feng Jiu glanced up at him and chuckled. "if I have a chance in the future, of course, I will go." With that, she stood up. "Since the person that I'm looking for is not here, I have to go, too. Goodbye."

    "It's rare for Young Master Feng to come to the Imperial City, why don't you stay here for a while? We'll do our best to host and show you around."

    "No, I still have things to do. I'll come back later if I have a chance."

    "In that case, I'll see Young Master Feng off." He personally escorted her to the door.

    When Bi Shan, who was outside, saw Feng Jiu coming out, he then went up to her and followed her out of the Black Market.

    Watching them leave, the Black Market chief stood for a moment before turning around and walking inside.

    Bi Shan saw Feng Jiu in a worse mood after she came out of the place and wondered about it. As he saw her not returning to the inn but walking aimlessly on the street, he followed to protect her.

    When they reached the main street, a group of mercenaries came into the city. He took a glance and then averted his eyes. Even though he didn't intend to pay attention, the mercenaries called out after seeing him.

    "Bi Shan!"

    The cry made the mercenary team stop at their track and look around. When they saw the muscular Bi Shan dressed in black, their eyes opened wide as if they had seen ghosts. They thought it was inconceivable.

    "Bi, Bi Shan! It's really him! Why is he here? Why is he still... " Why was he still alive?

    All the mercenaries found it implausible. Their team had just returned from the mountains. They went with dozens of people but less than twenty people remained. All their bodies were riddled with scars.

    On the contrary, Bi Shan that they thought had died or had been eaten by ferocious beasts, stood here intact. The sight was too shocking and made it difficult for them to calm down.

    They thought that he was already dead...

    Seeing him, they thought of what they had done to him before. After the inconceivable feeling passed, one after another lowered their heads in shame.

    The leader, a Golden Core peak level cultivator, was the one who called Bi Shan. He watched Bi Shan walking with a cold and imposing manner, looking very capable. He immediately strode forward.

    "Bi Shan, it's great that you're still alive!"

    His hand reached out for his shoulder. In the past, as two good brothers, if one put his arms on the brother's shoulder, the other would reciprocate with the same gesture. But, at this moment, Bi Shan avoided him with an indifferent look.

    "I'm sorry, please get out of the way."

    Bi Shan looked at the man in front of him. He was the team leader as well as his brother. He once gave his life to save the man, but in the end ....

    He recalled the scene when he was abandoned at the Hell Mountains. Not only had they abandoned him, his cosmos sack had also been taken away. His heart turned to ice and he continued to walk away.

    These people had nothing to do with him.

    "Bi Shan, where are you going?" The leader of the mercenary team turned and blocked his way. Looking at the fierce Bi Shan, he said, "Bi Shan, come back! I need you, we all need you! "

    If he had not abandoned Bi Shan there, maybe his team would not have suffered such a heavy loss. Abandoning him was the worst decision he had ever made.

    At this moment, he was still thinking about his own interest and not Bi Shan's.
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