1190 Distorting the truth

    "Is that so? But I don't need you anymore." He extended his hand to shove the man in front of him away and walked forward.

    The mercenary team's leader felt humiliated and angry by the shove. He rushed up and shouted. "Bi Shan! You're a member of my mercenary team! Have you forgotten? "

    "I'm sorry. He's now one of mine." Feng Jiu walked back slowly from the front and looked at the ragged mercenary.

    "Where is this brat coming from? Get the hell out of here!" He pushed hard with a power that could make a young man tumble out two meters away.

    However, unfortunately, the person he encountered was Feng Jiu who was currently in a bad mood! So, when she saw the man reach out to push her, she did not dodge but lifted her foot and kicked out.

    The tip of her toes contained dark energy and kicked him accurately in his left wrist. A snapping sound rang out. His whole body was pushed out by the dark energy and fell down several meters away.

    "Hiss, argh!"

    His bone was broken and fractured from the wrist to the hand. The mournful screams of the mercenary team leader startled the people around them. As soon as they saw that the situation was not right, the people hurriedly backed away and the mercenaries quickly surrounded Bi Shan and Feng Jiu.

    Two of the mercenaries quickly picked up the team leader who tumbled to the ground and held his wrist.

    "Take this kid down!"

    The mercenary team leader clenched his teeth and yelled with fury. His left hand dangled down and couldn't be used. The pain went to his bone marrow at the slightest move. Intense pain and anger mixed and bubbled over him. A killing intent came out from all over his body and a strong desire to kill the opponent occupied his mind.

    "I'll see who'd dare to do that!"

    Bi Shan strode forward. His sharp gaze swept over the mercenaries who wanted to come forward and threatened them with a calm voice. "I, Bi Shan, will never let off anyone who dares to touch a strand of his hair."

    "Bi Shan! You betrayed our mercenary team and now you dare to say such a thing to us!"

    Hearing this, the mercenaries around them were stunned and looked at the mercenary team leader who was speaking. He stepped forward and stared at Bi Shan angrily. "Today, I will clean up our mercenary team from the disloyal and unjust man who betrayed the team and their brothers for the sake of profit. Brothers, listen up! Kill Bi Shan on the spot! A man like him shouldn't be alive!"

    Bi Shan was also stupefied when he heard his words. But the more he listened, the more he found it hard to believe. This was how he distorted the truth. In that case, he could also say, were these really the people he once knew?

    The mercenaries instantly understood. Bi Shan came back alive. If he told others that they had abandoned him in the mountains, it would certainly have a great impact on their mercenary team. They had lost a lot of people this time and if the story spread out, no one would join their mercenary team.

    Since Xue Shan didn't want to come back, he shouldn't blame them for their ruthlessness! That day, they remembered their old affection and didn't kill him. Today, they would send him off!

    People like him should have died long ago.. He was not supposed to be alive!

    "Bi Shan, if you're sensible, take your own life. We'll remember our brotherhood and leave you with an intact corpse!"

    Feng Jiu looked at the killing intent in those people's eyes and could not help sneering at them. "It's really ridiculous. I've never seen shameless people like you."
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