1191 Kill him!

    When he heard their words, Bi Shan's clenched fists made cracking sounds. He raised his head, his gaze that was as sharp as knives swept over their familiar faces. "I, Bi Shan, was blind to call you shameless people as my brothers."

    Those mercenaries gripped the swords in their hands resentfully. "Since this is the case, don't blame us for doing you some harm!" As soon as they said this, all of them attacked him from all sides. Their blades hacked at Bi Shan fiercely.

    As soon as the surrounding civilians saw them fighting in the middle of the street, they gasped in horror and ran away. Some ran into the shops to hide, while others retreated to watch from 20 meters away so as not to be hurt by their sword intent.

    "That boy in red, kill him!"

    The mercenary team leader commanded gloomily while staring at Feng Jiu. Immediately, several mercenaries came forward brandishing their swords. These people were all experienced mercenaries who had participated in hundreds of battles. A few had been mercenaries for ten to twenty years and their combat effectiveness wasn't weak. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to come back alive from places like the Hell Mountains.

    When she saw those people coming to attack with swords, Feng Jiu just curved her lips and smiled, but her eyes were cold with no sign of a smile at all.

    The people around recognized the mercenary team, so they started discussing after seeing them fighting here.

    "This mercenary is quite famous in the mercenary team. I heard that they took a task to the Hell Mountains a year ago. I reckon that they've just come back. Since they're able to return alive from that place, their skills are extraordinary. It looks like the boy in red will meet a calamity."

    "Isn't the man in black Bi Shan? He's part of their mercenary team, too! It's surprising that they're fighting one of their own. It looks like the mercenaries are fighting fiercely with the intent to kill him. Is this perhaps internal strife?"

    "Who knows! Just now I heard they said that Bi Shan betrayed the mercenaries for profit. I guess that's what happened. Then, he encountered the mercenaries here. They were furious to meet the enemy. As a matter of fact, they disagreed and then started fighting."

    "But Bi Shan has a good reputation among mercenaries! He's not that kind of person. You guys had no idea, but I know. Bi Shan saved most people of the mercenary team. Once, he even risked his life to save the mercenary team leader. This is known among the mercenaries, so it's strange to see them fighting! "

    "Bang bang bang!"

    While all the people around were discussing this matter, Feng Jiu whirled and kicked out. Several mercenaries flew out and crashed heavily into the street. The force on her feet originally contained dark energy. She also kicked at those men's wounds. The kick rendered the men laying on the ground while wailing in anguish.

    "Look! This young man has good talent. Not only was he handsome, he even has the skill."

    "Right, those mercenaries are all in the Foundation Building stage. Is this young man's strength higher than them? It's surprising that a kick can send so many people flying. Those mercenaries can't get close to him! "

    A voice was heard in the midst of the glowing praise.

    "That's the kid! Catch him for me!"

    The woman in the red dress came with her people. It was the woman from the Shangguan family. At this very moment, she was currently staring at Feng Jiu with flaming anger. The woman looked like she couldn't wait to eat her.
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