1192 She’s Feng Xiao’s daughter

    That voice again. Feng Jiu glanced back and her brows furrowed. She felt this person was really annoying. She was really baffled about how her parents educated her. How did the woman turn out stupid and arrogant?

    At the same time but in a different location, those people had been waiting for Feng Jiu's return at the inn for a very long time without seeing her figure. Some of them gradually ran out of patience.

    At this time, at the Shangguan family's mansion, the people sent out a few months ago to investigate had already returned. They brought back a piece of news that shocked the whole family.

    The Shangguan family head was shaken by the news. He didn't dare to conceal this significant matter. Consequently, he went in a hurry to where his father was at, the place where the Shangguan family's old patriarch refined medicinal pills.

    The Shangguan family was an influential alchemy clan. The place where the patriarch refined medicinal pills was forbidden for entry. The consequence of entering it without authorization was very serious. There were two Golden Core peak stage cultivators guarding outside the alchemy courtyard, while two Nascent Soul powerful cultivators sat inside.

    On the one hand, it was to prevent someone from disturbing the old patriarch when he was refining medicinal pills. On the other hand, even though this place was not the Pill Storage Pavillion, it also contained very previous medicinal pills refined by the old patriarch. Naturally, they had to be on guard.

    "Clan Head." The two Golden Core peak stage cultivators saluted respectfully when they saw him.

    "Please go in and notify that I have something very important to tell my father." The Shangguan family head motioned. He didn't enter the building directly since alchemists were very particular and didn't like to be interrupted during the alchemy process.

    "Yes." A Golden Core cultivator answered, went in and informed the old patriarch, and soon came out. "Clan Head, the patriarch is inviting you in."

    He strode in and saw his father was fiddling with the elixir inside. He came up and called, "Father."

    "What do you want to see me for? Don't you take care of everything in the house? What? You haven't taken care of it yet? " The old man spoke without looking back, tinkering with the elixir in front of him and classifying it.

    "Father, it's very important, so I can only come to you." He stepped forward as he spoke. "When we got the picture of Ghost Doctor, didn't Father say that he should be investigated? It took a few months for this investigation. The spy has just come back with the news. "

    "Did you get it?"

    The old man turned around. His face was dignified without any wrinkles even at his very old age. He had a strange glossy and ruddy complexion. If not for that grey hair and old voice, perhaps, no one would think that this was the patriarch of the family.

    "Yes, I have." The Shangguan family head nodded and looked at his father. He paused slightly and then said, "Ghost Doctor's name is Feng Jiu. Besides, he is not a young man but a woman."

    "Oh? A woman disguised as a man? It is quite unusual for a woman to have such a talent for alchemy." The old man nodded, went up to a place under the tree and sat down at the table. Then, he poured a cup of tea.

    "Besides, Father, Feng Jiu has a close relationship with our Shangguan family." He watched his father's expression when saying this.

    The old man looked up at him. "Why are you keeping me in suspense? If you have something to say, talk. Don't hum and haw."

    "It's not that. I want Father to take it slowly so that you won't be surprised later." He smiled and then said, "According to our investigation, Feng Jiu is Feng Xiao's daughter."
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