1193 The Shangguan family’s granddaughter

    "Feng Xiao?" The elderly man frowned. He couldn't remember who this Feng Xiao was.

    "He's exactly the man who was with Wanrong. Feng Xiao is Wanrong's husband." He spoke cautiously. But, his father's face turned gloomy hearing this.

    "What do you mean by Wanrong's husband! When did Wanrong have a husband?" The old patriarch's face was glum, but a storm was brewing in his heart.

    Feng Xiao, the man of the ninth-grade country? That warrior? Ghost Doctor was the warrior's daughter. Didn't it mean that she's Wanrong's daughter, his granddaughter?

    His expression changed as he thought of this. There was a pensive look in his eyes, but his thought was elusive to anyone.

    When the Shangguan clan head saw this, he told his father very carefully, "Feng Jiu is Wanrong's daughter who stayed with Feng Xiao. According to our people's investigation, Feng Xiao has never remarried even after so many years and only raised his daughter. What's more, Feng Xiao who at that time was only a warrior and a general has now become the Phoenix Empire's ruler."

    "The Phoenix Empire's ruler? What's going on? Tell me the full detail." He spoke in a calm voice, asking his son to tell him everything he knew.

    For these people, the thought of this man Feng Xiao had never come to their minds. But now, the name that should have never be mentioned again resurfaced, still because of his daughter.

    How much had happened over the years that they didn't know?

    "Father, the Phoenix Empire was only a ninth-grade country at first. Several years ago, reportedly, Feng Xiao's daughter pushed him single-handedly to the position of the ruler, replacing the Murong clan. After he became the country ruler, the country changed its name to the Phoenix Empire and became a sixth-grade country in just two years."

    He paused. "Now Feng Xiao's father is a Martial Saint, married to a daughter of a century-old family in the third-grade country. Feng Xiao is also a Martial Ancestor. The status and power of the Phoenix Empire have spread rapidly. More importantly, with Feng Jiu, the Ghost Doctor, as the shield, no one dared to offend them. They have many allies. Even the Black Market treated them with courtesy. "

    The old patriarch's gaze moved at these words. He said nothing, only his look was thoughtful.

    Seeing the elderly man kept silent, he said, "So, I am thinking that we can have a tie with this relative. The Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu is our Shangguan family's granddaughter, isn't she? Father, I think we can recognize her back to the family. This will benefit our Shangguan family greatly. I heard the news that Feng Jiu is in the city. The Third Elder even brought people to welcome her."

    "When Feng Xiao's memory was sealed, they probably didn't know it had anything to do with our Shangguan family, nor could they remember Wanrong. Feng Jiu should have no knowledge about her relationship with our family."

    The old man said thoughtfully. After some thoughts, he spoke, "Wanrong has gone to the Eight Supreme Empires and it's not easy for her to come back later. The family has no other children with outstanding alchemy talents. If Feng Jiu enters our Shangguan family, then..."

    Seeing the old man had already changed his mind, Shangguan clan head spoke again. "Rest assured, Father. I'll take care of this matter and take Feng Jiu back to our Shangguan family now."
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