1429 What’s wrong?

    Feng Jiu arrived at that mountain spring pool, saying, "The spring water is rather cool at midnight. I'll just wash my face and freshen up."

    Two torches were placed on the ground to illuminate the surroundings. The men had already begun to take their muddy coats off. When they were about to take off their trousers, several of them stopped their movements, as if they recalled something. They also seemed to notice that someone was watching them, so they looked up.

    "Take it off. Why don't you take it off? We're watching!"

    Two female alchemists stood by, staring at them. Their robes were stained with mud and clung to their bodies, outlining their graceful figures.

    Feng Jiu could not help smiling. She shot the two women a glance and then turned around to sit under the tree not far away.

    "You two, go ahead and wash first. Hurry up, don't waste too much time." Chen Dao signalled the two women to go to the mountain spring to bathe while telling the male alchemists, "All men withdraw ten meters away and turn their backs."

    The male alchemists had to endure the discomfort of having their clothes stuck to their bodies and retreated ten meters away. Men certainly should give way to women. It's a form of courtesy as well as self-cultivation.

    When the two women saw this, they glanced at each other. While one person was guarding, the other bathed and changed clothes. Because there were men ten meters away in this forest, they didn't dare to bathe for too long. They simply washed the mud away and changed the dirty clothes then quickly put clean clothes on.

    "We're done." Once the two women reached that side, they used their spirit energy breath to dry their hair.

    In the dim of the night, standing under the tree and illuminated by the moon while caressing their hair, the women's curvaceous figures and enchanting mien made the men staring blankly at them.


    One of them didn't pay attention to his feet, tripped over a stone and fell down on the ground, allowing several men beside him to recover and stabilize their minds.

    The man who fell down smiled at the women sheepishly. He stood up quickly and rushed toward the mountain spring.

    Feng Jiu glanced at those people with a quaint look then looked away.

    About an hour later, everyone had finished washing their clothes and cleansing their bodies. Feng Jiu had a nap while waiting for them under the tree. She didn't wake up until she heard Chen Dao's voice.

    Having changed into clean clothes, Chen Dao walked over and saw Feng Jiu taking a nap with her head leaning to one side. He shook his head and laughed. "This kid can fall asleep here?"

    "Senior Brother Chen, shall we go on or stay here for the night?" One man asked. He actually wanted to stay, after all, they had a rough night here.

    "Take a rest then! Let's leave when it's dawn."

    Chen Dao then took out a robe and wanted to put it on the sleeping Feng Jiu. Unexpectedly, as soon as he approached with the robe on his hand, Feng Jiu woke up. The moment she opened her eyes, the vigilance and cold light burst out from her eyes, startling Chen Dao. He looked as if he was frightened.

    "Senior Brother Chen? What's wrong?" Feng Jiu woke up and looked at Chen Dao, who took a step back with a robe in his hand. He looked somewhat stunned and unresponsive.

    "This forest is freezing at midnight. Thinking you're still young and weak, as well as seeing you fall asleep, I wanted to cover you with a robe. To my surprise, you woke up immediately."
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