1194 Teaching someone a lesson in the stree

    "Go! Take her back and find a chance to let everyone know." The old man's eyes glittered. "This is a great benefit to our Shangguan family."

    "Yes. Son knows." The Shangguan clan head answered, then turned around to leave.

    Watching his son's departure, the old man sat there blowing his tea gently. He secretly pondered. At that time, he looked down at Feng Xiao the warrior. Unexpectedly, over the past dozens of years, he became the sixth-grade country's ruler. The child, not acknowledged and nearly killed by them at that time, had unexpectedly become the world-famous Ghost Doctor. Life really played tricks on them.

    However, it didn't matter. As long as they spread the news, it would give them the absolute benefit when people from all over the world know that Feng Jiu, the Ghost Doctor, was their granddaughter.

    When the Shangguan clan head came to the inn, he saw that other clan heads were sitting in the inn. When the Shangguan family's Third Elder saw that he was coming, with some surprise, he went over to the clan head in a hurry.

    "Clan Head? Why are you coming here?"

    "Third Elder, where's Feng Jiu? Have you welcomed her?" He came straight here when he heard the news, so he missed a scene on another street.

    "The innkeeper said that Feng Jiu went out after booking the room. He probably went around since he hasn't come back yet. Several other clan heads are still waiting here." As he spoke, he glanced at the people inside.

    "I see." He nodded and smiled. "Third Elder, Feng Jiu and our Shangguan family..." He was about to speak when a guard rushed in.

    "It's bad, Clan Head, Third Elder. There's a fight. Our men got into a fight with Young Master Feng." The guard was panting when he came in.

    "What? Getting into a fight with Young Master Feng?" The Third Elder expelled his breath in astonishment. Without caring about anything else, he took the guard with him. "Hurry up! Lead the way!"

    Several clan heads in the inn heard their words and looked at each other in surprise then followed them there. Fighting with Feng Jiu? This Shangguan family was really brave! If nothing else, the Black Market alone had already made people dare not to provoke. To their surprise, this one dared to brazenly oppose Feng Jiu? Hehe, it seemed the Shangguan family's bid to invite Feng Jiu to their mansion would be a hopeless case.

    At this time in the street, something that the Shangguan family had never expected currently occurred.

    On the street, many street stalls were destroyed, the mercenary soldiers collapsed on the ground wailing, and the leader of the mercenary team didn't dare to budge with Bi Shan's blade at his throat.

    The people brought by the Shangguan family's red-robed woman, as well as the woman herself, also fell to the ground. Feng Jiu lashed the whips repeatedly at her, making the woman rolling on the ground in pain.

    "Ah! Damn it! I will never let you off!"

    "Ah! Hiss! Ah! Ah! Don't, don't hit! Don't hit me!"

    Her initial clamour turned into a beg for mercy since the woman couldn't stand the pain. The dress was torn and bloodstains emerged at any places lashed by the whip.

    The people around who were watching this scene had no words to describe their shock and disbelief at this moment.

    There was a person who dared to fight against the Shangguan's family member and lashed at her with a whip in this way. This, this young man didn't want to live, right? When the Shangguan family came, could he have a good ending?
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