1196 They wanted to acknowledge the relationship

    The surrounding commoners seeing a Golden Core peak stage cultivator collapse straightaway might not think this as exceptional. However, those who understood a little bit about cultivation and thus knew the strength of Golden Core peak stage cultivators were all shocked.

    He took the man's life in a single blow, so neatly and cleanly. The Ghost Doctor was not only excellent in refining medicinal pills but also had nimble hands in killing his enemies. It was beyond their expectations.

    "Sob, Father, he hit me and hurt me all over. Father, you must kill him!" The woman in red ran back to her father in fear.

    The Shangguan clan head glanced down slightly at his daughter, then looked at Feng Jiu. He suppressed his anger and said, "Why don't you help Fourth Miss back home quickly!"

    "Yes!" The two guards behind him answered.

    The woman gritted her teeth reluctantly and wanted to say more, but she was startled at her father's gloomy face and admonishing eyes. She lowered her head, took out the cloak from her Heaven and Earth Bag, draped it on her shoulders, and hurried back home with tears in her eyes.

    "Young Master Feng, our Shangguan's mansion is nearby. We want to invite Young Master Feng to our family..." Before the Third Elder had finished speaking, Feng Jiu waved her hand.

    "No need." She moved away as she spoke and Bi Shan followed her closely behind.

    "Please wait a moment."

    Seeing that Feng Jiu was about to leave, the Shangguan clan head spoke out in a steady voice. When he saw the dazzling figure in red, he was somewhat surprised. This person was obviously a woman. When she disguised as a man, she looked remarkably handsome. If he didn't find out early from the investigation, he wouldn't be able to see that she was a woman at all.

    The Shangguan clan head's heart was stirred after seeing Feng Jiu's excellence and then recalling her talent for alchemy and pharmacy. "Feng Jiu, your father is Feng Xiao, isn't it? Your name should have been Feng Qing Ge."

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and turned around to look at him. "The Shangguan clan head has good skills. Did you investigate my family?"

    There was a touch of sarcasm in her remark. On closer inspection, people could discern her coldness.

    Speaking in front of so many people in the street, the Shangguan family's people really thought she was an idiot. Did they think she couldn't understand his meaning?

    When he heard Feng Jiu's peculiarly sarcastic remark, the Shangguan clan head just smiled. "It's not for other reasons but the Ghost Doctor's resounding name and his portrait that we made an investigation to see what kind of parents could teach such an excellent child. Unexpectedly, this investigation led us to the discovery that the Ghost Doctor was Feng Xiao's daughter."

    Several clan heads behind were somewhat amazed to hear the Shangguan clan head's words. They whispered, "Who is Feng Xiao? I've never heard of him!"

    "Why did he say that Ghost Doctor is Feng Xiao's daughter? Isn't Ghost Doctor a man?"

    When the Shangguan's Third Elder heard the clan head's words, his heart sank. He took a look at Feng Jiu's expression and felt a bad premonition in his heart. The clan head had never met with Feng Jiu and had no idea about what kind of person Feng Jiu was. He did, however, knew Ghost Doctor.

    He had some suspicions from the first time seeing Feng Jiu and ordered people to investigate secretly. However, before the news of his investigation had not yet come out, the clan head's investigation results came first.

    Today, the clan head said this in front of so many people in this street. He said that Feng Jiu was a woman disguised as a man and who her father was. He's afraid this act would produce the opposite effect.
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