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    That scene on the street spread quickly and became a topic that everyone in the Imperial City enjoyed talking about. Many people knew that Ghost Doctor came to Heaven's Prayer Country and was welcomed into the imperial palace by the ruler. Therefore, some people who wanted to ask for medicine stayed outside the imperial palace and waited for Ghost Doctor to come out.

    At the Shangguan's mansion, the clan head told the Old Patriarch everything that happened on the street. He could barely contain his anger. He spoke with hatred, "That Feng Jiu doesn't know what's good for her! She said we're acknowledging relatives randomly! She doesn't see that we are a century-old influential alchemy family. Can we acknowledge familial relationships arbitrarily if she is not really related to us?"

    The Old Patriarch was drinking tea on the master seat, listening to him. He was silent and didn't say anything, making it hard for others to understand what he was thinking about.

    "Father, Feng Jiu is really hateful. If such a person enters the gate of our Shangguan family, I'm afraid that she can't be disciplined. Moreover, she retaliated by whipping our people in the street. I think we should not acknowledge such a person."

    Hearing this, the Old Patriarch put down the teacup and spoke in a leisurely tone. "It's correct that she had no idea about it. Feng Xiao's memory was erased. If she knew, wouldn't she have known the entire story since a long time ago? In your opinion, will she return to our Shangguan family if she has known what happened that year? "

    "Then what to do? Are we going to leave her alone? "

    "Come up with an excuse, we'll deal with her when the time comes. Besides, next time you see her, bring her back first. I would like to meet Wanrong's daughter."

    "Yes." The Shangguan clan head nodded. "Father, now that she's been taken into the Palace, what should we do?"

    "It's better for her to be at the palace. When you go with me to the Palace later, we'll have the chance to ask the ruler to make a decision for us. It's a different thing if the ruler declared for her to acknowledge the familial relations with our Shangguan family."

    The Shangguan clan head's eyes brightened. "Father meant that whether she wanted to acknowledge or not, she must acknowledge first? She will have to confirm the relationship first?"

    "Correct, we are her mother's side of the family. It is natural for her to acknowledge us."

    However, when the Shangguan clan head thought of Feng Jiu's unreasonableness, he could not help furrowing his eyebrows. "However, I think Feng Jiu is different from an ordinary teenage girl. She gave me a very strange feeling. Besides her having an imposing aura, I felt a sense of fear when she swept a detached and fierce gaze at me in the street. I don't think she is the kind of person who is easily manipulated."

    "So what? Whether she admits it or not, the blood relationship is there. " The old man's voice was unemotional. He thought that since it was his daughter's daughter, his granddaughter, she could go return to the Shangguan family.

    At that time, if she handed over some pill formulas for them to refine, they would be richly rewarded. Acknowledging the familial relationship with her would only do them good, not harm, for the Shangguan family.

    'I'm going to make the preparations now. When does Father want to enter the palace? I'll give the orders right away."

    "Wait a little longer." He motioned for him to go first.

    "Yes." The Shangguan clan head withdrew. At this time, the Third Elder waiting outside saw him coming out. Then, he stepped inside the room. He first saluted the Old Patriarch inside respectfully.

    "I'm here to visit Old Patriarch."

    "Mm, De Zheng, why are you coming?" The Old Patriarch looked at him and asked.
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