1203 Have You Got A Sweethear

    When he heard this, the Country Ruler laughed: "I heard that you are the Princess of the Phoenix Dynasty."

    "That's right, I have been travelling about all this time and it's been a year since I've returned home. I had planned to do some sightseeing here for a few days before I went home." She had planned to bring her mother home with her, but she didn't know that her mother was no longer here.

    As for the Shangguan Family, hmph, they separated her father and mother, sealed her father's memory and imprisoned their mother to refine pills and elixirs for them. They want to acknowledge her? What wishful thinking!

    "Then stay in the palace for two days first and I will do the honours of being a hospitable host." He smiled as he said: "The scenery in the palace is not bad, shall I take a walk with Ghost Doctor?"


    Feng Jiu nodded and stood up. She saw the Country Ruler walk down and gestured with his hand. The two of them stepped outside with the two Nascent Soul cultivators and Bi Shan following three steps behind.

    The scenery in the Imperial Palace was indeed pleasant, it was exquisite and gorgeous everywhere. As the two of them walked, they chatted. When they came into the Royal Garden, they stopped. The flowers bloomed and the fragrance was refreshing.

    The Country Ruler looked at Feng Jiu beside him, dressed all in red, and he smiled and said: "If I hadn't gotten the information, I wouldn't have been able to tell that the Ghost Doctor is a girl."

    "I am always travelling about, it is more convenient to dress up as a man. Over time, I've learned to mimic the behaviour and mannerisms of men, so it's only natural that Your Highness wouldn't be able to tell."

    "Ghost Doctor is beautiful, I wonder if you have a marriage arranged?"

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu looked at him in surprise. He smiled at her and said: "Oh if I said that it's not crossed my mind then I am lying. On top of the talents and reputation of the Ghost Doctor, you are also a Princess of a country, it is more than enough to join another big country in marriage. If you don't mind me saying, I have a few sons who are quite outstanding. If you are still not betrothed and have not got a sweetheart, you can meet them and see if they will win over the Ghost Doctor."

    Feng Jiu couldn't help but chuckled: "Country Ruler Meng has misplaced your favour, I am already betrothed to someone else."

    "Oh? The Ghost Doctor has taken fancy on someone? I wonder, which country is this handsome young master from?" He was a little surprised as he looked at Feng Jiu's appearance. Besides, he hadn't heard of any men around her, how did she become betrothed to someone?

    "Has Your Highness heard of Hell's Palace?" Her expression was relaxed, her eyebrows creased as she smiled.

    "Hell's Palace?"

    Upon hearing those two words, the Country Ruler's expression changed slightly and his heart shifted a little: "Hell's Palace's power and influence is immense, even the Black Market cannot compare to them. Naturally I know every power and influence in each country."

    Although Hell's Palace had only risen to power not long ago, its forces were in every country. Moreover, the strong men in Hell's Palace were like a forest, even though they were from a First Grade Country, they didn't dare to provoke them.

    Hell's Palace was also extremely secretive. If the First Grade Countries were rulers of the day, then Hell's Palace's Hell's Lord was the ruler of the night. As a result, the powerful forces from the First Grade and Second Grade Countries knew the powerful Hell's Lord from Hell's Palace as the Dark Lord.

    Hell's Palace's powerful forces had never been put on show, therefore not many people knew that it's forces were hugely distributed in every country.

    As far as he knew, a small country had been plotting against Hell's Palace recently to take them all out in one fell swoop. In their view, those people thought too highly of themselves.
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