1207 Recognises Money By Clothes And Not By Person

    As he looked at Feng Jiu's contemptuous smile, he realised that his tone was not polite and seemed to imply he looked down on her. Therefore, he coughed and said: "This aquamarine snake skin is very precious. If anyone who wants to touch it does so and it gets damaged then who will pay? Therefore if you don't want to buy it then we can't take it out."

    "Don't worry, if it really gets damaged by me, I will pay for it. Quickly, take it out and let me take a look." She gestured.

    Upon seeing this, that man had no choice but came forwards to take the snake skin out of the cabinet.

    Feng Jiu didn't pay much attention to him. After she had stepped forwards to carefully inspect the snake skin and confirmed that it was undoubtedly an aquamarine snake skin, she nodded: "Wrap this up for me, I want it."

    The man was stunned for a moment: "You, you want it? But this costs two hundred thousand gold coins, not two hundred thousand silver coins. You really want it?" This person didn't look rich, could he afford it?

    "Yes, keep hold of it for me. I still want to take a look around." She said and continued walking inside.

    After that man recovered from his shock, he hurriedly followed behind, holding on to the snake skin. From time to time, he looked at the figure in green in front of him and felt that one could not be judged by their looks, and felt a trace of shame in his heart at his own behaviour earlier on.

    He had only recognised money by clothes and not by person.

    The Spirit Herb Market was indeed full of things. She had felt lost when she didn't see her mother when she had come to Heaven's Prayer Country, but was comforted when she had found more than a dozen rarely seen spirit herbs.

    "Settle the bill!" She said to the man behind her who was carrying over a dozen spirit herbs.

    "Yes, please come this way Young Master." After walking around the market, the man's attitude had changed greatly, even the smiles on his face had increased.

    In the Spirit Herb Market, some people looked over at Feng Jiu from time to time.

    It was because the young boy dressed in green looked ordinary but had the ability to buy so many precious spirit herbs. They would like to buy any one of those spirit herbs but they didn't have the money to do so. However, he was able to buy over a dozen of the spirit herbs all at once, what connections did he have?

    After settling the bill, Feng Jiu put everything into her space and left. She then walked around the streets and bought some fruit and cakes. She thought they could eat them on the road after their departure.

    However, after some time, she realised that someone was watching her. She walked slowly and after she turned into an alley, she leaned sideways and waited there. Not long afterwards, a figure in grey flashed across. She backed away in surprise.

    "You have been following me for a while, what do you want?" She crossed her arms over her chest, and looked at the middle-aged man.

    The middle-aged man hadn't expected the young boy to have noticed, therefore, he stopped hiding and stepped out of the shadows: "Boy, if you know what's good for you then hand over the spirit herbs you bought earlier!"


    Feng Jiu snorted in laughter and glanced at him: "So it's my spirit herbs you want! You've got quite the nerve."

    "Hmph! It's you who's got the nerve, you didn't even enquire about this place!"

    In this First Grade Country, everyone had their eyes on a big fat sheep. This kid was only at Foundation Formation strength and dared to buy so many precious spirit herbs without a strong man's protection. He was already targeted by the cultivators long ago, they were just waiting for him to make the move first.

    Feng Jiu smiled, so she was someone's fat sheep because her wealth was revealed.

    "I'm in a good mood today, so if you know what's good for you, you will leave. Otherwise, you will regret it later."
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