1208 Human Indifference

    "Your tone is cocky! I would like to see...." Before the man could finish his sentence, his body had frozen.

    He had only seen the figure in green flash in front of his eyes and in an instant, a dagger glowing with a cold light was already pointed at his throat. He could feel the pain of the dagger piercing his flesh and blood was dripping.

    At that moment, he was terrified.

    He was a Golden Core cultivator! How could a Foundation Formation cultivator appear at his side in an instant and put his dagger against his throat? He didn't even have the opportunity to react.

    "Young, Young Master.... Please spare my life. I... I am only seeking money."

    Cold sweat appeared on his forehead, his speech was trembling and panicked. If at this moment in time he still didn't realise that the person in front of his was stronger than him, then his life was a waste.

    "Spare your life? I already gave you a chance earlier and now you want me to spare your life? We shall have to see how many good things you have on you to buy your life back."

    Her lazy and indifferent voice reached his ears and the middle aged man pulled a long face.

    He thought that he had found a fat sheep to slaughter, but who knew that he became that fat sheep about to be slaughtered instead. However, his situation was helpless, whether he surrendered his belongings or the young boy killed him and took his belongings, he was still not able to keep hold of his things. The only hope he had was to keep his life.

    He stiffened his body and said: "I'll take them out, I'll take them out. Don't be angry Young Master. I will give you my cosmos sack." He quickly took out his cosmos sack and removed all the valuables from his body and handed it to her.

    "Young Master, I just want a chance to live."

    After Feng Jiu took the things from him, she hit him on the back of his head with her palm and he fell to the ground unconscious. After seeing this, she kept the cosmos sack and went outside, and headed back to the inn.

    As she was climbing through the rear window of the bedroom, she heard some voices drifting in from outside.

    "Elder brother, please let me go in! My grandson is really very sick. I have asked all the doctors and they have all said that he can't be saved. Someone told me that the Ghost Doctor can save him, the Ghost Doctor can save my grandson. Elder brother, I'm begging you, I will kowtow to you, please let me see the Ghost Doctor! I beg you!"

    Feng Jiu listened to the voices outside as she changed her clothes inside her room. She washed off the camouflage on her face and wiped the traces of water from her face before walking across the room to go out.

    "Auntie, it isn't that I don't want to help you, but my Master has ordered that he won't be seeing anyone. I, I can't help that either." Bi Shan helped the woman up as he said helplessly.

    "I have even brought my grandson here, I just ask the Ghost Doctor to take a look at him. Hoo hoo hoo... I only have one grandson, his parents died early so it's just the two of us. Please, please, let me see the Ghost Doctor!"

    The woman cried as she held her grandson in her arms, but her mournful and helpless voice didn't move a person's heart in the inn.

    Human nature was selfish, regardless of their own affairs, no matter how miserable others were, their sorrow was nothing compared to their own sorrows.

    Moreover, they were cultivators who saw life and death more thoroughly. Most of them were cold hearted people. It was just one child. To them, if the child were to die, they would have no pity for the child.

    At this moment, the bedroom door opened with a creak.
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