1210 Return To Green Gallop

    The family heads of various influential families in the city had received news of Feng Jiu's attack at the inn and were extremely surprised. Someone had dared to attack the Ghost Doctor here? Who was so bold?

    After their shock at what had happened, they arrived at the inn, planning to pay a visit. However, when they got there, they saw that the Black Market Chief was already at the inn. The Country Ruler had also sent several men to pay a visit. They were all quicker than them, hence, they had decided to leave.

    Because of this incident, the Country Ruler had cleared out the inn and only Feng Jiu and her servant were left in the inn. The owner of the inn hadn't dared oppose it. After all, the incident with the Ghost Doctor had happened at his inn, he had to bear some responsibility.

    After the inn had been cleared out, there were no more idle people hanging around and anyone entering the inn had to be subjected to a check. Fortunately, they had some status in the city and after the guard had reported their arrival, they were let into the inn.

    "Ghost Doctor, we heard that you were attacked today and we have rushed over to visit you. Are you okay? Who was so bold to assassinate you, the Ghost Doctor?"

    "You are all very kind. I am fine." Feng Jiu smiled and gestured for them to sit down then ordered the staff to bring some tea.

    "It's good that you are okay." They nodded and smiled as they sat down.

    They had finally found an opportunity to speak to her. Although they knew that it was probably not possible to obtain an elixir from her, at least they were able to have a chat with her and get to know her.

    The few of them and the Black Market Chief had a meal and drank some wine at the inn together and didn't leave until evening.

    Feng Jiu had also returned to her and rested. At dawn the next day, she had left quietly, and the people that had turned up to send her off had turned up in vain.

    Since his Master had nearly come to harm yesterday, Bi Shan had been blaming himself. Though he had been roaming the outside world for many years, he had not expected someone to use an old woman and a child to assassinate someone. That was something he had not predicted.

    He couldn't imagine what would have happened if his Master had not reacted so quickly and avoided the attack.

    However, Master hadn't said anything, not even any words of reprimand. This had made him blame himself even more. Maybe if Master had scolded him, he might have felt a little better.

    "Master, it was my dereliction of duty yesterday, please punish me!"

    After hearing this, Feng Jiu turned around and glanced at him saying: "You don't have to blame yourself for this. The people who wanted to kill me used an old woman and a child. Even I didn't expect it. Just be more careful in the future."

    When he heard this, he lowered his head involuntarily and responded: "Yes."

    He watched his Master walk to a clearing and pushed her sleeves up then reached into space and an aircraft appeared. The two of them rose into the sky and stepped into the aircraft and headed into the sky...

    One month later, Green Gallop Country

    Early this morning, Feng Jiu brought Bi Shan to the manor. After they had entered the formation, she saw Leng Shuang and Leng Hua run happily towards her when they saw her.

    "Master, you are back!"

    Leng Hua came to her side and said: "Master, you have been away for more than a year. We have been waiting here for more than a year. We have been looking forward to your return."

    "Master." The others also greeted her respectfully. They were all very happy when they saw that she had returned.

    Only, who was the person behind Master? Why did he come back with Master?

    When she noticed their gaze, she smiled and said to them: "I have just returned from Heaven's Prayer Country. I came here as soon as I arrived. Come, let me introduce you, this is Bi Shan."
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