1213 Mini Black Bear

    "Yes, I know." She nodded her head as she listened to the Headmaster's guidance and instructions. After about an hour, she got up and left to go to her cave dwelling.

    She was probably not going to return to the Six Star Academy, so she had to see if Little Black who was guarding her cave dwelling had wanted to return to the forest or not.

    Sitting on the flying feather to return to the cave dwelling, Cloud Devouring came out of space and stepped directly onto the feather then onto the ground below. When the big black bear saw them, he threw itself onto Cloud Devouring and spun around in excitement.


    A joyous roar fell as Feng Jiu stepped down from her flying feather.

    "Little Black." Feng Jiu called out and watched as the big black bear rushed in front of her and rubbed her leg fawningly. When she saw this, she chuckled and patted its head.

    "We are leaving and we won't come back here anymore. Do you want to go back to the forest?"

    "Ao ao." It roared lowly, its big bear head flicked back.

    "Not going back?"

    Feng Jiu went to sit down by the tree and said: "If you're not going that means you will be coming home with me! You can guard my house then, actually, no, you're so big can you shrink?"


    It roared and got up and turned around. Its spiritual power surged and the airflow formed a vortex and surrounded it directly. When the vortex disappeared, a smaller version of it stood before Feng Jiu.

    When she saw that it could really shrink, Feng Jiu's eyes lit up. She looked at the bear in front of her and said: "Smaller."

    The big bear turned around again and stood there staring blankly at Feng Jiu. When she said smaller, it had turned around again. It turned around a few more times until finally it had turned into a mini black bear standing there swaying from side to side as if all the spinning had made it dizzy and it was going to fall down at any time. Feng Jiu's eyes were filled with red hearts looking at it.

    "Wow, so you can actually become so small. Little Black, you are so cute." Feng Jiu picked it up with one hand, she was reluctant to let go of the soft furry animal.

    "Forget it, since you can make yourself so small, then you will follow by my side in the future!" She changed her mind again, unable to resist such a cute little bear.

    Cloud Devouring who was watching by the side shook its tail and rolled its eyes as it looked at Master. It realised that Master seemed to really like furry animals.

    It was obviously majestic beyond comparison but Master now liked the furry animal that looked like a dog in front of her. It would only return to its original body in event of a battle. It could only appear with such a small body if it were to accompany Master everywhere. It was sure that if it returned to its original body, Master would leave it in Phoenix Dynasty and not keep it by her side.

    However, this was Master's hobby. If she encountered cute furry things in the future, she would probably keep it by her side. It was sure that this little bear would not be the last one.

    "Here, here's a Truth Medicinal Pill for you. This is a good thing. After eating this, even if you don't have a contract, you can still speak." She took out a pill from space and put it in her palm for Little Bear to eat.

    Little Black sniffed the scent of the pill as it stepped forward and stuck its tongue out to swallow the pill.

    "It will be a little uncomfortable, but it will be fine after a while. Just bear with it and it will be over soon."
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