1215 Ye Jing’s Home

    "You can rest assured that I will send someone to Phoenix Dynasty if I receive any more letters in the future." He smiled and continued saying: "Young Master Feng is leaving, and so will I. I hope that there will be a chance to see Young Master Feng again in the future."

    "There will be chances." She smiled. She stayed at the Black Market for a while to chat and then left to go out of the city.

    Leng Shuang and the rest were already waiting outside the city. When they saw her coming out, they rushed forward and greeted her: "Master."

    "Well, let's go!" She took out her aircraft and brought everyone onto the aircraft, then flew into the sky....

    A few days later, after the aircraft had landed outside a city and Feng Jiu put it away, they asked: "Master, where are we going?" Two days ago, Master had altered the route to return home. It was not the way back to Phoenix Dynasty, where were they going?

    "I've come to see a friend before going home." She said to them: "Let's go! After we enter the city, Luo Yu and Bi Shan go to inquire about Ye Jing. We will wait for you at the inn."

    "Yes." The two of them responded. After they had entered the city, the rest of them went to the nearest inn in front of them and the other two went to inquire about the news in the city.

    Upon entering the inn, the innkeeper had quickly greeted them personally and invited Feng Jiu inside with a wide smile. Leng Hua stepped forward and booked a few rooms and Feng Jiu went directly upstairs to the suite on the second floor to wait for the two of them to return. Leng Shuang and Leng Hua waited in the suite while the Feng guards stood guard outside the suite.

    After an hour, Bi Shan and Luo Yu returned.


    After the two of them bowed in respect, they reported: "Ye Jing's family is a noble family in this city. Ye Jing is the eldest daughter of the family, the daughter of the family head. It wasn't the marriage alliance between families but a Royal Prince who wants to take Ye Jing as his side concubine. The Ye family only agreed under the pressure of the Royal Family. However, since she has returned, Ye Jing has been seriously ill, hence the wedding has been postponed. The Royal Family has issued their final edict, the wedding is to take place three days later."

    Feng Jiu sat at the table, one hand supporting her chin and the other hand tapped the table gently. After she had listened to the two men's report, she sneered: "Yet another person abusing their power."

    As soon as her voice fell, she stood up and said: "Leng Shuang Leng Hua will come with me to Ye Residence. The rest of you will wait here at the inn!"

    "Yes!" They all responded.

    Leng Shuang and Leng Hua followed Feng Jiu to the Ye Residence while the Feng guards and the rest of them stayed behind at the inn.

    Although they didn't know where the Ye Residence was, they could ask anyone on the streets for directions. After the three of them had arrived at the Ye Residence, Leng Hua stepped forward to knock on the door.

    The person who answered the door was an old man. He looked at the few of them and as he found them unfamiliar, he asked: "Who are you looking for?"

    "We are looking for Eldest Young Miss Ye Jing." Leng Hua replied.

    "And you are?" The old man asked in surprise.

    "Our Master is a friend of Eldest Young Miss Ye, his surname is Feng. Please pass the message along, Eldest Young Miss Ye will know who it is. Thank you for your troubles."

    "Oh, in that case, please come inside." The old man opened the door and invited the three of them in. After he had led them to the living room, he said to Feng JIu: "Young Master, my Young Miss is seriously ill so she is unable to see any guests. Tell you what, I shall ask my Master and Madam to come out."

    Feng Jiu had wanted to ask him to take her to see Ye Jing directly. However, upon second thoughts, she decided against it and only nodded her head and said: "Thank you for your troubles."

    "It's nothing. Young Master please drink a cup of tea." The old man said and then hurried out to the back courtyard.
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