1216 I Am Ye Jing’s Close Friend

    "A young boy in red clothes? Ye Jing's friend?"

    In the main courtyard, Ye Family head was a little surprised at the steward's words. It was strange that someone was looking for his daughter at this time. Ever since their two Ye family elders had failed in their advancement into the Nascent Soul stage, their family's power was not as great as it was before. In fact, each day was worse than the day before.

    In the past, the ones who had called themselves friends had avoided them. Especially after the Royal Family had pressured him to let his daughter become a side concubine, he had tried to seek their help but they avoided him. This made his heart go cold.

    Although he knew that human nature was selfish, he had thought that friends would not be that way, those he had helped in the past wouldn't be that way. But those people who had called themselves his friends were indeed superficial people.

    His daughter had no choice but to agree to the marriage for the sake of the whole family. However, she had fallen ill from worries and was getting more severe and languished by the day. His wife was in tears all day long because of this, yet as the head of the family, there was nothing he could do.

    "Yes, the Young Master is very handsome and outstanding. He looks about the same age as Young Miss." The housekeeper said respectfully.

    "Could it be a friend from the Six Star Academy?" When he thought of this, Ye family head ordered: "I will go and take a look. Don't tell Eldest Young Miss yet."

    "Yes." The housekeeper responded and went out with the family head.

    When they arrived at the living room, they saw a young boy in red sitting down drinking tea. When the family head saw the young boy, he couldn't help but be astonished, he was indeed outstanding.

    His disposition was unparalleled and he was very handsome. There was a noble breath about him that even a Royal child could not compare with. Seeing this, he walked up and said: "May I know who Young Master is?"

    "My surname is Feng, my name is Jiu. I am Ye Jing's friend. You must be Ye family head!" Feng Jiu stood up and bowed in respect.

    "Yes I am, Young Master Feng please sit down."

    He was surprised at the boy's good manners and prestige. After he had invited him to sit down, he said: "My daughter is seriously ill, that's why she is unable to come out to greet you. I apologise for the impoliteness and hope that Young Master Feng is not offended."

    Also, this is a Six Grade Country, and although news of Feng Jiu's Ghost Doctor status had been spread across the powerful families in the upper-class countries, the Six Grade Country families had not received the news and portrait. Therefore, Ye family head didn't know that the person standing in front of him was the famous Ghost Doctor.

    "Of course not, Ye Jing is my close friend, I don't mind at all." She said with a smile.

    Seeing this, Ye family head asked in surprise: "I wonder, how did Young Master Feng and my daughter meet? Is Young Master Feng also a student at the Six Star Academy?"

    "Yes, we met at the Six Star Academy. I really admire Ye Jing's honesty and upright personality. I have been away for a while and not been back to the academy for quite some time. When I went back recently, I found out that Ye Jing had returned home. I heard that she had returned to be married, therefore I came to visit her. I didn't expect to hear that she is sick."

    Upon hearing this, Ye family head was relieved. So he was Ye Jing's friend from the academy. It was good of her friend from the academy to come visit her.

    He nodded and sighed: "It's all because I am useless as her father, that's why she is seriously ill. I assume Young Master Feng you must know by now the news about Ye Jing becoming a side concubine."
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