1220 Speed Up The Marriage

    Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man was slightly shocked. Was the Ghost Doctor's status in the Black Market really this high?

    On the other side, Ye Residence

    Ever since Feng Jiu's arrival, the two people's laughter could be heard from Ye Jing's courtyard from time to time. The originally depressing atmosphere was lifted.

    When Ye Father and Mother arrived in the courtyard and heard the laughter from inside, they looked at each other and walked inside. Once they were inside the room, they saw their daughter leaning against the headboard and Feng Jiu sitting by her bedside. The two of them were talking about something and laughed from time to time.

    "Father, Mother." Ye Jing called out when she saw them.

    "We heard your laughter from outside." Ye family head said. He then said to Feng Jiu: "Young Miss Feng, I have ordered the servants to prepare lunch. It is in the courtyard now. They are all homely dishes, I hope you won't mind."

    "Of course not, homely dishes are delicious." Feng Jiu replied.

    "Then please come. I have ordered the servants to take out the precious wine. Please have a drink, Young Miss Feng." With that, he said to his wife beside him: "Get the maid to help Jing'er out of bed to come outside and have lunch with us. The more the merrier and she will be more energetic."

    "Okay, the two of you go ahead first. I will come later." Madam Ye said and gestured for the two of them to go and sit in the courtyard first. She beckoned for the maid to come and help Ye Jing.

    When the two of them walked out, Leng Hua came to stand behind her. Ya family head poured Feng Jiu a glass of wine: "Try this, This is my precious collection of spirit wine, the aftertaste is stronger. "


    Feng Jiu responded and took a sip from the glass. The wine was mellow upon first taste and a breath of spiritual power flowed down the throat into the body: "The taste is mellow and the spirit power is strong. It is indeed a rare and excellent wine."

    "If you like it, drink a few more glasses. I have ordered the kitchen to prepare dishes that go well with wine. Please." He gestured. Feng Jiu dispensed with ceremony and picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks.

    Not long after, Madam Ye helped Ye Jing walk out. The two of them came to the table and sat down. Ye Jing had been bedridden the past few months from her illness and rarely came out to bask in the sun. Therefore, she looked pale, like as if she would be blown over by a strong gust of wind.

    "Ye Jing, your body is not meant to be lying on the bed all the time. You have to come out for walks more often, then your health will get better faster." Feng Jiu poured her a glass of wine: "This wine is not bad, you can drink it too."

    Upon seeing this, Ye Jing lifted the glass of wine and took a sip. She didn't mind that much. It was her father and mother who were worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the intensity of the wine.

    "Just two glasses is enough. Fortunately, this wine can dispel depression and improve blood circulation." Feng Jiu poured her another glass when she saw that she had finished the wine. It wasn't when she saw that her face had a blush of pink that she picked some food for her to eat.

    Originally, Ye father had wanted to stop it, but after seeing his daughter's colour had improved after drinking two glasses, he didn't say anything. He just picked some food for her and chatted to Feng Jiu.

    When the meal had ended, the housekeeper rushed in and said: "Family head, the Crown Prince is here. He is waiting in the front hall."

    When they heard this, the good atmosphere was ruined and Ye father's face sank. His body emitted oppressive anger. The Crown Prince must be here to speed up the marriage.

    He was crossing the line! They had agreed three days and yet he still had the cheek to come to their home.

    As for Madam Ye, her face was filled with sorrow and her eyes were red. When she thought of her daughter marrying that kind of man, she couldn't help but bow her head slightly and weep.
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