1222 You’re really Ghost Doctor

    With this in mind, he suppressed his excitement and hurried off to the rear court, intending to find out.

    In the rear court, several of them had finished the meal and asked the servants to remove the things on the table and replace them with fresh-cut fruits. The large fruit tray filled with fruits of various colours were placed in the middle of the table.

    Madam Ye was unable to suppress her joy after hearing their words. Those around her came to tell her that the crown prince had brought gifts to apologize and that the marriage had been cancelled. The news made her want to weep with delight.

    "Feng Jiu, eat the fruits." Madam Ye took a piece of fruit with a bamboo stick and handed it to her. "You have helped our family a lot. We don't know how to thank you."

    Feng Jiu received it with a smile. "Don't say thank you, who makes Ye Jing my friend?"

    "Yes, yes, it's our Jing'er's good fortune to have such a friend like you. It's really the blessings of three lifetimes!" She smiled and nodded repeatedly.

    "Mother, don't do this. It will make Feng Jiu uncomfortable. If you really want to thank her, personally make some of your best dishes for Feng Jiu to eat." Ye Jing spoke with a smile, then looked at Feng Jiu. "You have no idea, my mother is very skilled, but she won't do it easily."

    "I like fine food best. In this case, I really have to bother Aunt Ye." She smiled with her eyes narrowed, even switched calling Madam Ye to Aunt.

    "It's no trouble."

    Madam Ye smiled happily. She thought that Feng Jiu was so good. Not only was she remarkable and had great abilities, but she was also kind and easy-going without any arrogance at all.

    "Clan Head."

    The two maidservants outside the courtyard called out respectfully, letting the people in the courtyard know that the Ye family head had returned.

    "How is it, Lord?" Madam Ye looked at him with unconcealed joy. She knew that the marriage had been cancelled due to the relationship with Feng Jiu. As for the details, she had no idea.

    The Ye clan head didn't answer her, but when he came to the table, he bowed solemnly to Feng Jiu. "I have a poor perception, not knowing that the guest in my home is Ghost Doctor. Please don't be alarmed at this lack of manners."

    He added, "I am very grateful for Ghost Doctor's help for this matter. Today's kindness, Ye family will surely remember wholeheartedly." At the same time, when bowing in a salute, the Ye family head was lifted up by an invisible force.

    "Uncle Ye needn't do that." Feng Jiu spoke out, not accepting his salute. She stood up and smiled. "Ye Jing is my friend. When a friend meets difficulties, how can I not help? Uncle Ye spoke too seriously."

    The Ye clan head nodded excitedly. After asking her to sit down, he also took a seat. "Just now, the crown prince came and came to our door to apologize. I only knew Miss Feng's Ghost Doctor's identity from his mouth."

    He didn't expect that Ghost Doctor would come to his house. What's more, Ghost Doctor was his daughter's friend and also a woman.

    "I asked the Black Market to deal with it. It's just a word." She spoke and immediately saw Leng Shuang and others walking in from outside.

    "Mistress, it's all done." She handed in the Black Command Token while reporting to her.

    "Mm." Feng Jiu responded and took the token back.

    "Feng Jiu, you, you're really Ghost Doctor?" Madam Ye looked at her incredulously.
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