1223 Be a guest at my house

    "Mm, that's what people outside call me." She smiled with her eyes shaped like crescents and nodded.

    "Good heavens!" Madam Ye couldn't hide her shock. She covered her lips with both hands and whispered. "You, you're Ghost Doctor!"

    Feng Jiu smiled. "Ghost Doctor is also human. Don't be so surprised." As she said that, she looked at Ye Jing, who was sitting quietly and smiling. "I'm going home. Would you like to stay at my house with me for a few days?"

    Hearing this, Ye Jing's eyes brightened. "Can I?"

    "Of course. I'm just wondering if Uncle and Aunt Ye would be at ease?" She looked at the two with a smile.

    "Sure, sure. Of course, we're at ease." What were they worried about when going on a journey with Ghost Doctor? That's exactly what many people were after.

    "I'll inconvenience you to stay for two days at your home. When Ye Jing gets better, we will set out. We can take advantage of these two days to have a good taste of Aunt Ye's cooking."

    "Alright, I'll definitely cook different varieties for you every day." She answered with a happy smile.

    Ye Clan Head looked on and smiled. He felt that the dark cloud hanging over their heads dissipated with the arrival of Feng Jiu. The oppressive atmosphere of the whole Ye mansion lessened, restoring the previous ease.

    Thus, Feng Jiu stayed in the Ye mansion. As for the Feng guards and other subordinates, they stayed at the inn. The Ye couple treated her with great enthusiasm. Madam Ye cooked every meal in person and made her best dishes. As she promised, every meal was not repeated and tasted exquisite.

    The news of Ghost Doctor's stay in the Ye mansion somehow spread. Those who had previously avoided Ye Clan Head came to visit with generous gifts after receiving the news. However, Ye Clan Head didn't see them this time and politely declined to meet the guests. He only told the public that the mansion received a distinguished guest and wouldn't meet anyone else.

    The people saw this but could do nothing. Their hearts were filled with regrets. Had they known this fact earlier, they wouldn't have alienated the Ye family. It's difficult to enter Ye's mansion now.

    Just, when did the Ye family get connected with Ghost Doctor? How could this relationship never come out? It's really strange.

    Had it not for the cancellation of the marriage between the Ye family and the imperial family, they wouldn't have known that Ghost Doctor was in the Ye mansion at this time.

    In the Ye mansion's garden

    Feng Jiu accompanied Ye Jing walking in the courtyard. After taking the medicine for a day, coupled with the cancellation of the marriage, Ye Jing's spirit was restored and her weak body gradually recovered after taking an elixir given by Feng Jiu. She was able to get out of the courtyard and strolled in the garden.

    "Ye Jing, are you the only child in your family?" Feng Jiu plucked a flower and smelled it while posing a question to the person holding the basket beside her.

    "I still have a younger brother, but he's not at home." Ye Jing answered, handing the scissors from the basket to her. "Let's cut some flowers and put them in the vase!"

    "Mm. I'll cut them. Please hold the basket." Feng Jiu took the scissors. After cutting some flowers and pruning them a little, she handed them to Ye Jing.

    Ye Jing took the flowers and put them into the basket. She pointed to another flower. "That one with the buds is also good."

    "This one?" Feng Jiu cut the budded pink flowers with the scissors and gave them to Ye Jing.

    "Mm." Ye Jing smiled cheerfully. She took the flowers while Feng Jiu cut them. The two girls spoke from time to time. Their conversation interspersed with laughter.

    After staying three days at the Ye family, they were finally ready to leave.
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