1224 The ten-year agreement is too long

    Knowing that they were leaving today, several Feng guards who stayed at the inn waited early outside the Ye mansion. When the Ye mansion's gate opened, their Master came out in a red suit.

    "Master." They all called out in one voice, gave her a salute, and waited.

    "Mm." Feng Jiu nodded in reply.

    The Ye couple, who came out to see them off, saw the impressive-looking men who were radiating strength and had imposing manners. They couldn't help but praise them inwardly. The people around Ghost Doctor were excellent, each possessed a handsome face and outstanding temperament.

    "Father, Mother, you don't need to see me off. I'm with Feng Jiu, so you don't need to worry. Nothing will happen." Ye Jing stopped and told her parents who were sending her outside the gate.

    "Mm, we know. With Feng Jiu by your side, we can rest assured." Ye Clan Head and his wife answered. Then, he signalled the steward to come forward and deliver several boxes of gifts.

    "These are just humble gifts, so please don't refuse them. If you do, you are really looking down at us." The Ye Clan Head told her, having the steward put the things quietly.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled. "Uncle Ye is modest. Since that is the case, I will not refuse. Leng Hua, accept the gifts."

    "Yes." Leng Hua answered and then went to pick up the gift boxes and put them inside the Heaven and Earth Bag.

    "It's getting late. We're leaving." Feng Jiu cupped her fists in salute and turned toward Ye Jing.

    Ye Jing understood and told her parents, "I'll be back after a short visit. Don't worry. We're going now."

    "Have a safe journey." The Ye couple told her and warned her repeatedly. The party went out of the city.

    Many clans of the city poured in the city gate, wanting to present the gifts in their hands. Before they got close, the Feng guards stopped them. When they got out of the city gate, the airship appeared.

    "Let's go!" Feng Jiu motioned. After the party got on the airship and left the people below behind, the airship soared to the sky and flew toward the Phoenix Empire.

    Inside the palace in the distant Xuan Yuan Empire, one of the Eight Supreme Empires, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, in a luxurious black robe with the dark cloud patterns, stood by the window with his hands clasped behind his back. While looking at the sky outside, he thought of the woman that he cared about.

    The concern and yearning in his heart made him regard the clustered white clouds in the sky as the sly-as-fox Feng Jiu. There, in the clouds, he seemed to see her smiling at him. It was as if he heard her sly, clear voice calling, Uncle, Uncle.

    The thin lips, which had been slightly pursed, raised imperceptibly. He smiled at the thought of the person who made him happy.

    That woman, I wonder what's she doing right now?

    It's been more than two years. The last message sent back by Ren Xiang said that she had entered the Golden Core stage and had also changed the two-star academy's sacred realm totally unrecognizable.

    He shook his head at the thought. This was what this woman was like. Wherever she went, there would be no peace, yet she wouldn't suffer any loss.

    Even when she fell into his hands, she could escape from him and even stole his heart, making him think that he was a cut-sleeve.

    "A ten-year agreement. How could I make such a long promise with her?"

    His low and magnetic voice came out with a smile of helplessness. Thinking of the agreement between the two, he couldn't help sighing. The ten-year agreement was too long.
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