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    When Xuanyuan Moze heard Gray Wolf's voice, he came to his senses and looked back.

    Gray Wolf carried a strong smell of blood. An extremely heavy killing intent permeated his whole body. He was like a fierce wolf returning from a battle, giving people a menacing impression.

    "Subordinate has wiped out the last one. There are 242 people in total. None of them escaped. " He reported respectfully.

    "Mm. Go back and tell them to stop after this. Try not to appear in front of all forces. Let's wait for a while." Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke in a deep voice.

    "Yes.' Gray Wolf answered. Seeing that his Master had turned away, he withdrew.

    The master came back, regained his power and defeated his rivals. Although he had experienced many mishaps and adversities in these two years, now, the crisis had been resolved. The most important thing was that the master's millennium cold poison had been removed. This was what made them the happiest.

    With no Millenium cold poison afflicting the master, they didn't have to worry about his health.

    Over the past two years, the emperor had relied on their master heavily. Most of the empire's affairs had been entrusted to his master, making his subordinates very happy.

    In their hearts, their master was the emperor's most outstanding son. He was a natural imperial overlord, the one with the best ability of ruling. Only their master could make the empire superior to other empires, rule the whole empire, and lead it to glory!

    Outside, seeing Shadow One had appeared outside the hall, he went over and asked, "How long has the master been standing in front of the window? Was he missing Ghost Doctor again? "

    Shadow One glanced at him. "Don't you know the answer already?"

    Hearing this, Gray Wolf scratched his head and spoke doubtfully. "I just don't understand this. What's there to miss? If I don't see you in ten years, I won't miss you."

    Hearing this, Shadow One cast a scornful glance at him. "Can this be the same?"

    "Also, you are not a woman." Gray Wolf nodded and immediately saw Shadow One's face turned gloomy. Seeing this, he grinned and patted him on the shoulder. "Okay, okay, don't lose your temper like a girl. I just talked randomly and made a reckless metaphor."

    It had been better if he didn't say this. Shadow One's face not only turned gloomier, but his eyes also glared at him. Obviously, Shadow One's heart was burning with anger, but he spoke in a calm voice. "Gray Wolf, we haven't done this for a long time. Why don't we go to train?"

    "Train? Okay! Let's go." He nodded and motioned him to go first.

    Shadow One glanced at him and stepped forward. However, after only a few steps, he heard a gust of wind behind him. Looking back, Gray Wolf had climbed over the wall and left from the other side. He could only hear Gray Wolf's voice transmitted by the wind.

    "Hahaha, do you think I'm stupid? Practice? Don't you just want to make an excuse to beat me up? I won't give you a chance. I'll go first. You can practice with your own shadow!"

    Gray Wolf's voice spread with the wind, so that the people in and out of the palace, those who were out in public or hidden in the dark, could only have their lip corners' twitched without saying much.

    Gray Wolf was the most trusted person at the master's side. He could be presumptuous, but they didn't dare.
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