1226 Just call Uncle

    "Shadow One."

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze's voice transmitted from inside. Shadow One who was outside immediately responded.


    "I haven't heard the news from there in recent months. Go and ask what's going on." Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned around toward him. "I want her latest news."

    "Yes, Subordinate will ask right away." He replied and then retreated.

    He stood at the window for a while, raising his hand to reveal a red rope on his wrist. When he thought of her, the depth of his black eyes was gentle and his heart was filled with tenderness.

    Far away from there, Feng Jiu was a bit heartless.

    She played with Ye Jing throughout the journey. At every place they went, they would take advantage of the resting time to wander around. The journey that originally would take half a month to reach the Phoenix Empire took them a whole month.

    That day, the airship entered the Phoenix Empire's imperial city and flew into the palace gate.

    As soon as the spaceship entered the imperial city, the Feng guards inside the city had quickly reported the news to the palace. They all knew that their mistress was back. Even the people in the city looked up at the airship that suddenly appeared midair and discussed with astonishment.

    "Look, isn't this Ghost Doctor's airship?"

    "It's the airship. Is Ghost Doctor coming back? Quick, go and have a look!"

    The commoners in the city spoke with surprise. They flocked to the airship flying to the palace. But, when they rushed to the palace gate, they only glimpsed the red figure among the crowd going to the palace...

    "Feng Jiu is back?" After hearing the Feng guards' report, Feng Xiao stood up in surprise. "Where?"

    "She's already entering the palace."

    "Have you informed the Retired Emperor?" He asked, striding out.

    "We've sent someone to inform him."

    After he heard that, Feng Xiao ordered. "Let people prepare a banquet to welcome Little Jiu this evening." After he spoke, Feng Xiao swept forward.

    The Feng guards behind him immediately instructed the subordinates to get things done and then followed him.

    Feng Xiao saw the dazzling figure in red from a distance. Seeing his daughter coming home, a big smile appeared on Feng Xiao's solemn face. "Little Jiu!"

    "Father." Feng Jiu stepped forward quickly to him and hugged his arms. She smiled with her eyes squinted. Her beautiful face was full of joy. "Father, I miss you."

    "Hahaha, Father misses you, too! Girl, you've been away for more than a year and just sent a message back. You really make us worried." He patted her hand and looked at the woman beside Feng Jiu in surprise. "This person is?"

    "Ruler." Ye Jing made a salute on her knees and spoke warmly. "My name is Ye Jing. I'm Feng Jiu's friend."

    "Oh, it's Little Jiu's friend! My daughter, however, seldom brings friends home. You must be close friends." Feng Xiao smiled and nodded.

    'I stopped by at her house on my way back and then brought her back so that she might come and keep me company.' Feng Jiu told Ye Jing, "Don't call my father Ruler, just call him Uncle. I will take you to see my grandfather and grandmother and introduce them to you."

    "Right, just call Uncle. Make yourself at home." Feng Xiao laughed loudly.
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