1227 A peerless elegance

    "Feng Girl? Feng Girl?"

    The voice had already heard before the person arrived. However, Feng Jiu was surprised when she heard the voice, as it sounded like a young man in his twenties. She could no longer find a trace of her grandfather's familiar old and affectionate voice, only a young man's vigorous voice.

    Although the voice was no longer the old and affectionate one she was familiar with, the words Feng Girl were full of familiar feelings. Just as she smiled and looked at the direction of the voice, she saw a figure swept over and came to her in the blink of an eye.

    "Feng Girl, why have you gone so long this time? It's been over a year without knowing when you're coming back. Grandpa is so worried."

    Feng Sanyuan came in front of Feng Jiu, looked at her from head to foot, and spoke distressfully. "You've lost a lot of weight and looked so tanned. Are you eating enough outside? Are you exposed to the sun? You don't stay home nicely but go out to temper yourself. You can't even eat well outside and came back so thin."

    Feng Jiu couldn't help laughing. "Grandfather, it's not as exaggerated as you said. I'm not the same as before, but not much has changed."

    "No, you're obviously thin and dark." Feng Sanyuan insisted. The girl at her side covered her smile. He asked in surprise, "Who is this little girl? You brought her?"

    "Grandfather Feng, I'm Ye Jing, Feng Jiu's friend."

    Ye Jing saluted promptly, feeling very curious. Although she had heard from Feng Jiu that her grandfather looked younger than her father, she still found it incredible when she saw him with her own eyes.

    In fact, there were many such cases in the world of immortal cultivation. However, it was very rare in ordinary families. Even some of those who reached the Nascent Soul stage could only recover to middle age at most. Few of them, like Feng Jiu's grandfather, had returned to the peak of their youth.

    The cultivation of immortals was defying the laws of nature. It's not surprising for those who had strong cultivation to recover their youthful vigour.

    She had heard her father say it was the same in their country. In places like the Eight Supreme Empires, there were many cultivators over a hundred years of age. There were even many who did not choose their companions until they were two or three hundred years old.

    Therefore, she didn't think it's strange that Grandpa Feng remarried when he was 60 or 70 years old.

    "So you're Feng girl's friend! Now that you're here, have fun and treat it as your home." Feng Sanyuan smiled and then told Feng Jiu, "Then, entertain Ye Jing well first. A banquet is set up tonight to welcome you."

    "Yes." Feng Jiu smiled. "Let's go to see my grandmother and uncle first."

    So, several of them went to the harem to visit Su Xi first. Feng Jiu took out all the gifts she bought for them and chatted in the palace hall for a while before going to rest.

    In the evening, Feng Jiu changed into a white female dress. The snow-white dress was simple and stylish. When she wore this, it formed a very different style from when she was dressed in the red flamboyant men's robes.

    If she was as dazzling as the sun in a red men's robes, then she was as pure as the bright moon in the sky when she's dressed in white. Whether it was the red suit or the white dress, she could manage to wear them with a distinctive air of honour and splendour.

    She had a peerless elegance and beauty that stirred people's hearts. Even Ye Jing, as a woman, couldn't help but stare at her...
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