1229 Another visit to Peach Blossom Ridge

    After eating snacks and strolling around the Imperial City, they returned to the palace when it was getting dark.

    When they returned, the banquet was ready. There were no other people, only a few of their family. This time, Feng Jiu saw the child that she brought back midway of the journey, Sunny.

    The child, who was four years of age at that time had now turned seven. He was a little shy, standing behind and peeking at her from time to time but didn't dare to come forward. She smiled and waved. "Sunny, come here."

    He took a glance at Feng Sanyuan.

    "Go over there!" He smiled and motioned him to go. The child came forward happily at Feng Jiu's side and gave her a salute.

    "Princess." He knew her. She's the kind sister who brought him here.

    "Do you still remember me?" She rubbed his head, asking with a smile.

    "I remember." He was both happy and shy. After glancing at Feng Jiu, he quickly dropped his head.

    "You've grown a lot taller. Have you cultivated and studied hard?" She asked.

    He raised his head and nodded. "Yes, I have. The ruler and the Retired Emperor all taught me to protect my little master in the future."

    "Mm. That's my little uncle. You should cultivate and study well. Later on, you must protect him well, you know?" In fact, it was also good to arrange him as her little uncle's playmate. The child had a better constitution than most people and would be able to cultivate faster in the future.

    Being able to nurture him so that he's growing up together with her little uncle was good for both of the kids. After all, their friendship would be more solid as they grew up together.

    "Mm, Sunny will." The little guy's face looked very serious. He faced Feng Jiu and nodded with assurance.

    "I'm going to Peach Blossom Ridge tomorrow. Come with me, then!" She reckoned that his relatives hadn't seen him for a long time. She'll bring him there tomorrow.

    The little guy's eyes brightened but he had some hesitation. "May I go?" He looked at Feng Xiao father and son.

    Feng Xiao smiled. "When the Princess told you to go, you go."

    "Yes." Only then did he smile happily.

    "There's no one here. Sit next to me!" Feng Jiu motioned to him to sit down and dine together.

    Because it's a family banquet, the topic they talked most about was what Feng Jiu did outside. When the night got darker, everyone dispersed and went back to rest.

    The next morning, Feng Jiu took Ye Jing as well as Leng Shuang, Leng Hua and Sunny to Peach Blossom Ridge. They went in a horse-drawn carriage. Even Cloud Devouring Beast, Little Black and Old White came out of the space and went together with them.

    "Is this Peach Blossom Ridge? Do you think the peach blossom here is blooming all year round? " Ye Jing looked up at the mountain. She could only see it from afar. The mountain was all red and incomparably beautiful.

    "Correct. What do you think about this place? I've lived here for some time before. It's quiet and perfect for both cultivation and leisure. Most importantly, the peach blossoms here are very pleasing to the eyes, especially when the wind blows and the petals fall, it's just like the rain of flowers, just like the fairyland."

    Feng Jiu moved forward, talking while looking at the peach blossoms all over the mountain. Back to the familiar place, looking at this pleasant scenery, her mood could only relax.

    "Ye Jing, shall we stay here for two days?" She looked sideways to Ye Jing and asked with a smile.
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