1230 He’s not alone

    "That's fine! But, don't you need to return to the palace?"

    "They are all in the Imperial City. Are you perhaps afraid that I don't see my family?" Feng Jiu chuckled. "What's more, I just met them yesterday. It's nothing to stay here for two days. If I'm back for a long time, I'll live here for a while."

    As they walked up the mountain, they chatted, followed by Sunny and a few small beasts. When she got to the top, she told Ye Jing, "Have a look around. I'll come to see you later."

    "Good." Ye Jing responded. Seeing her taking Sunny to the Peach Blossom Forest, she roamed around in the forest and enjoyed the scenery here.

    At the other side, Feng Jiu took Sunny to a courtyard. Before they got close, several figures appeared.


    Several members of the Zhao family who had cultivated into ghost cultivators were able to appear during the day. When they saw Sunny follow their Mistress here, they were very excited.

    "Mistress, many thanks for bringing Sunny to see us." They thanked her immediately after giving her a salute.

    Feng Jiu glanced at them and smiled. "It seems that several of you have made progress in your cultivation. That's good. I will tell my father when I go back to let him bring Sunny to you once a month."

    They looked at each other and thanked her again excitedly. "Many thanks, Mistress."

    They know that they were ghosts and their cultivations weren't strong. If they got too close or made too frequent contacts with him, it would deplete Sunny's yang energy. So, they had never gone out to see him in the palace.

    "Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Sunny misses you." The little guy threw himself in his mother's arms. Although he felt very cold, he was happy to see them.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu said with a smile, "You must have a lot of things to talk about as a family. I won't disturb you. My friends and I will stay here these two days as well as Sunny. You can get together."

    "Yes." They answered happily. After watching Feng Jiu turn around and leave, they brought Sunny into the courtyard and inquired about his situation in the past two years.

    They stayed in this place for two days. A couple of days later, they returned to the Imperial City at noon. When they reached the city, Feng Jiu took Ye Jing to see Guan Xi Lin's home.

    "This is my Big Brother's house. He's been alone since he broke away from the Guan family. My Big Brother has been trying to find his father's whereabouts. He hopes that he can bring his father back to the Guan family that he's established by his own hands one day."



    Feng Jiu walked inside with Ye Jing. The guards and steward in the house saw her and hurriedly gave her a salute.

    Ye Jing listened to Feng Jiu talking all the way. While looking at the scenery in the mansion, she saw that everything was quiet and exquisite. But, if the big mansion did not even have a master, she couldn't help thinking, how lonely it would be for Guan Xi Lin to live here alone.

    "Although he hasn't found his father yet, fortunately, he still has you as his sister and also your family. He's not alone." She told Feng Jiu at her side.

    "Yes! He is not alone, we are all his family. " Feng Jiu smiled. "It would be better if he could return with a wife, then have several children. It would be livelier then."
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