1465 Mother

    "His injury is still not stable, so while he is lying on the bed, try not to move him too much. Also, don't let anyone come to visit him these few days as you don't want to hinder his treatment and misplace his bone alignment again."

    As Feng Jiu left her instructions, she didn't hear any response from him. Hence, she raised her head to look at him and saw him staring at her blankly with a strange expression on his face. She asked: "What's wrong?"

    Luo Heng came out of his reverie and took a look at the medicines, then he asked: "Where did you get them? Don't tell me you made them by yourself?"

    Although they were not medicinal pills, they were liquid medicines and only an alchemist could make them. He was only an errand boy, how did he know how to make things that their alchemists didn't know?

    "Oh, well!"

    Feng Jiu smiled and replied: "Didn't I tell you earlier? This is a secret family recipe, this ointment has no other uses other than to treat broken hands, feet and bones. As for the other liquid medicines, they are gifts from other people. Even if I don't know how to refine medicines, my cosmos sack is filled with all the elixir pills you have all given to me! There are quite a lot of them too."

    Upon hearing this, though Luo Heng was puzzled, he also knew that her explanation made sense. Although this chap was only an errand boy, however, because he was highly efficient and had a glib tongue, many alchemists had often given him lower-grade pills as rewards.

    Therefore, it wasn't at all surprising that Feng Jiu would possess liquid medicines that some alchemists were unable to make.

    "All right, I will remember everything you have said." He nodded and put away the medicines on the table then turned to Feng Jiu and said: "Leave Senior Brother Chen with me. I have noted down everything you have instructed me to do. Don't worry!"

    "All right." Feng Jiu nodded and let a few more instructions before she left.

    That day, she had wanted to use the excuse of delivering elixirs to the Eighth Peak to visit her mother. However, just as she walked out of the cave dwelling, she saw her mother walking not far away.

    She was taken aback for a moment and then quickly stepped forward: "Martial Uncle, what's the matter?" It was quite funny thinking about it as she was her mother and they knew of each others' identities, but she still addressed her as a Martial Uncle.

    "You live here?" Shangguan Wanrong glanced at the humble cave dwelling behind her and frowned slightly.

    "Errand boys live here." She smiled and her eyes crinkled up: "Do you want to come inside to sit down?"

    "Yeah." Shangguan Wanrong nodded and entered the cave dwelling with her.

    After she had entered the cave dwelling, she noticed that the cave was not only small, but also inadequately decorated. There wasn't even somewhere to take a bath. When she thought about the fact that she didn't even have somewhere to bathe at ease, she felt guilty.

    She was only living in such a place and became an errand boy disciple of Third Sun Peak because she had come looking for her. Not only had she failed to care for her as her mother all these years, she had also allowed her to live such a hard life. It was not right.

    "Sit down." Feng Jiu gestured and poured a cup of tea for her. She then looked at her and asked with anticipation: "Can I call you mother?"

    Upon hearing this, Shangguan Wanrong's heart twitched and she lifted her head to look at her daughter. Her eyes felt hot as she held her daughter's hands and stroked her face. She asked softly: "Then will you listen to what mother has to say?"

    Feng Jiu's face revealed a pleasant smile when she heard this and she replied: "Mother, what is it you want to say?" Her father would be so happy when he found out that she had found her mother.

    "Get out of here, get out of here quickly and go back to your father."
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