1231 A detailed talk in the palace hall

    Seeing Feng Jiu staring at herself with a smile, Ye Jing felt her cheeks heat up. "What are you staring at me for? You should talk to your Big Brother about this."

    "Yes, I will tell my Big Brother." She chuckled and took her to stroll around the Guan mansion, then they went back to the Feng mansion.

    "This place has been my own residence since my father moved to the palace. I asked all my people to live here. This house must be inhabited. If it's unoccupied for a long time, it will be completely deserted."

    "Besides, the mansion has a cook with fabulous cooking skill." Feng Jiu took her into the Feng mansion. After Ye Jing became familiar with the place, Feng Jiu arranged a courtyard for her.

    The mansion's people were ecstatic to see Feng Jiu coming back. The shouts of "Mistress" rang out in the mansion from time to time. Most notably, the kitchen staff started bustling when they knew that their Mistress was back, intending to cook delicious food for the owner.

    They stayed immediately in the mansion. One evening, Feng Jiu recalled there was one thing she forgot to tell her father and left for the palace.

    After finding her father busy handling affairs at the palace, she dismissed the others and stepped forward to call out 'Father'.

    "Little Jiu, I haven't seen your shadows these past two days. I just heard from the Feng guards that you're just back at the Feng mansion. Are you planning not to stay at the palace?" Feng Xiao laid aside his work and looked at her.

    "Although the palace is very good, I like to live in the mansion better. I feel attached to the place since I've lived there for so long. It's not easy for me to come back. Of course, I want to go back to my old courtyard!" She walked to his side and took his hand.

    Feng Xiao shook his head helplessly. "Alright, alright, it's up to you. After leaving the palace, you're here to look for your Father. Is anything the matter?"

    "Mm. I have something to tell you." Her expression turned grave. "I haven't told you that I asked the Black Market to inquire about Mother."

    Feng Xiao was startled to hear this. With his heart throbbing, he asked with surprise, "And then? What's the news?" When his daughter came back this time, she told them that she had become a Nascent Soul cultivator and that Fire Phoenix had reached adulthood. He was very happy about this.

    This meant she got stronger. Even if they didn't follow her outside to protect her, she could cope with many unknown dangers.

    He told her before not to act rashly when she's still weak and a fledgeling. But now it was different. Not only were the Phoenix Empire a strong country and its people lived in harmony but also the country had been promoted in rank and had expanded its power.

    In particular, Little Jiu's Ghost Doctor name was famous all over the world. She also became a Nascent Soul cultivator at such a young age, ranked amongst the powerful cultivators. With such strength, she no longer needs to be afraid of the mighty century-old alchemy clan of the Shangguan family.

    His heart ached at the thought of the beloved who had been separated from him for many years. It's his incompetence that kept husband and wife apart for so many years.

    Seeing her father's surprise, Feng Jiu sighed inwardly. If she could bring her mother back earlier, maybe his parents could have been reunited earlier. She suppressed her mood as she said, "The Shangguan family have been imprisoning Mother for years, limiting her movement and freedom. They have been using Mother to refine medicine for the Shangguan family. In these ten years, if I haven't commissioned the Black Market to investigate, I wouldn't know that Mother was imprisoned by them."
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