1232 Grown up Fire Phoenix

    "They are so hateful!" When he heard the story from his daughter's mouth, Feng Xiao roared out with hatred, his voice indignant, his gaze fierce and his heart was boiling with rage. He clenched his fists tightly and slammed it onto the table.

    His anger flared up at the thought that his memory had been sealed and his beloved woman had been imprisoned. The Shangguan family had bullied them and they were simply too intolerable! It's nothing much for him, but he really felt grief for Wanrong for having parents that treated the daughter in such a cold blooded manner.

    "There's one more thing." Feng Jiu looked at her furious father. "The Shangguan family knew Father's identity and also knew that I am your daughter. When I was there, they wanted to acknowledge the familial relationship with me in the middle of the street, but I did not respond to them."

    "They knew?" Feng Xiao asked with a frown. "They didn't deal with you?"

    "They can't deal with me. Today, I came to see Father to tell you about my plan." She told him in an unhurried voice. "Mother is no longer at the Shangguan's mansion. She was accepted as the last disciple of San Yang Zi, an alchemist at the Pill Sun Sect in the Eight Supreme Empires."

    "Not to mention Mother wasn't in the Shangguan's family, even if she's there, that kind of clan and close relatives had nothing to seek connections with us. However, I don't think the Shangguan family will stop there. They should still try coming to look for Father. They don't know that Father has recovered all the memories. So then..."

    "You mean, your mother is not there anymore? She's been taken away by an alchemist called San Yang Zi?"

    Feng Xiao was stunned. For a moment, there's an unspeakable feeling in his heart. More than a decade had passed, would she still remember him? Was she still the way she was? Would she return from the Eight Supreme Empires?


    She replied, "Don't worry, Father. I came back this time just to tell you about this matter, so you can guard against the Shangguan family. I'll go to the Eight Supreme Empires to find my mother in Pill Sun Sect. Please be at ease! I will bring Mother back to you. "

    "I know. Don't worry about the Shangguan family." Feng Xiao nodded. He started to ponder in his heart about ways to deal with this problem.

    Feng Jiu didn't say much and left him alone inside the palace hall. She left the palace and went to the mansion.

    In the following days, as the identity of Ghost Doctor as the Phoenix Empire's princess was made public, various countries sent generous gifts one after another. Not only did different countries send gifts, but even influential families specially sent gifts in order to befriend her family.

    All these things were handled by Feng Xiao. After coming back and travelling around with Ye Jing, Feng Jiu was getting ready to leave.

    She first arranged the Feng guards and told them to guard the Phoenix Empire in her absence, so that no one would invade their imperial territory.

    She had no idea how long it would take her this time to come back. Today's Phoenix Empire could be said both strong and weak. If something really happened when she wasn't here, she wouldn't be able to help. Thus, she had an idea in mind.

    "Fire Phoenix."

    With her call, a ray of light flashed out of the space and fell in front of her.

    It was a teenager in a flaming robe, about seventeen or eighteen years old, with an unusually handsome face, flaming crimson hair, shrouded by a strong ancient aura all over his body.
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