1467 Human Furnace

    "No way!"

    Shangguan Wanrong refused immediately and said with a solemn expression: "That is too dangerous and it won't fool him."

    "Why won't I be able to deceive him? Mother, I am already a Nascent Soul cultivator. I am only suppressing my cultivation at the moment. If I were to stay behind, I have the ability to protect myself and nothing will happen to me. I also definitely won't let him find out that we have switched places either. "

    Shangguan Wanrong shook her head: "No." When she saw her daughter's puzzled expression, she paused slightly and hesitated for a moment: "He's given me medicine, there's something wrong with my body."


    Feng Jiu was stunned. She grabbed her wrist and checked her pulse. After a while, she said in confusion: "There's nothing wrong with your body! There's no poison in your body."

    "It's this hand."

    She stretched out her other hand and showed Feng Jiu her palm: "Look here, a red line has appeared on my middle finger. Although it's not very obvious, this red line extends further and has already reached my arm. It's just that it's not that obvious with it being under my skin if you don't pay attention to it."

    When she looked at the red line that appeared under her skin, Feng Jiu's eyes darkened. No wonder she was unable to detect anything in her pulse, it was hidden in her arm.

    She stretched out her arm and probed the wrist carefully. After a while, her expression became strange.

    "This is not poison, it's medicine." She said slowly and looked at her mother: "I think I know what Master Third Sun intends to do."

    "What is he planning to do?" Shangguan Wanrong asked softly.

    Feng Jiu looked at her and asked with a strange expression: "Mother, do you know that you have a spirit-gathering physique?"

    She shook her head and asked: "Spirit-gathering physique? What kind of physique is that? What is it used for?" Other than being imprisoned in the Shangguan Residence, she was brought here and she had only ever been exposed to matters of alchemy. She didn't know anything about physique.

    "A spirit-gathering physique is a mobile spirit-reservoir. Master Third Sun wants you to advance to the Nascent Soul stage so that he can take your newly condensed Nascent Soul energy and refine elixirs from it."

    She looked at her shocked expression and continued speaking: "The newly condensed energy of a Nascent Soul cultivator who has a spirit-gathering physique is the purest form of all. Just like a newborn, it gathers the essence, qi and blood of your whole body. The medicine in your arm is what he needs to refine the elixir once you have advanced to the Nascent Soul stage. To put it bluntly, he is using you as a human furnace to refine an elixir that will make him immortal."

    "Human furnace?"

    Shangguan Wanrong's face turned pale and a storm surge in her heart. She knew that nothing good was ever given for free in this world. If she wasn't useful, why would Master Third Sun bring her here and take her in as his core disciple?

    So this was his plan all along, to use her as a human furnace to refine an elixir to make him immortal!

    "Well, mother, the medicines in your arm are top-grade spirit herbs and each one is five hundred years old. I'm not sure what method he has used but he has locked the medicinal properties in your arm so that they won't dissipate into your body. They are not harmful to your body. But because these spirit herbs haven't been refined into pills, your body is unable to absorb their qualities."

    Shangguan Wanrong came out of her reverie and asked: "So these spirit herbs in my body won't pose any threat to me?"
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