1233 Leaving the Divine Beast behind as the Empire’s Guardian


    Fire Phoenix looked at her with a delighted smile. He wanted to throw itself on her for a hug, but after some thoughts, he felt that this wasn't proper. After all, he was now an adult and could no longer be cradled in her arms with its bottoms bare, wearing only undergarment to cover its chest and belly.

    Feng Jiu looked at the young Fire Phoenix with a profound feeling similar to watching her child grow up. Since Fire Phoenix began to meditate, he had never come out. At the time she entered the Nascent Soul stage and became a Nascent Soul cultivator, he entered adulthood at the same time.

    Looking at the Fire Phoenix who was half a head taller than she was, her eyes were gentle.

    "Fire Phoenix, there is something I want to discuss with you when I call you out." She looked at him and spoke with a smile on her face. "You know that I plan to go to the Eight Supreme Empires, but I'm not at ease with the Phoenix Empire here and worried about Father and Grandfather."

    When he heard that, Fire Phoenix's expression changed. He asked, "Mistress wishes for me to stay behind to guard the Phoenix Empire and protect them?"


    She nodded. "You are the ancient divine beast Fire Phoenix. Our country is the Phoenix Dynasty. You were born here in the Nine Entrapment Woods. This is your home. If you are still a baby, it's a different thing. But now, you have successfully advanced into adulthood. I hope you can stay here as the Phoenix Empire's Guardian Beast."

    "The empire's guardian?" He looked at her and asked, "What about Mistress? If I stay to guard the Phoenix Empire, who will guard Mistress? Who can save you if you encounter danger in the Eight Supreme Empires? "

    This was what he's worried about. Perhaps, his Mistress could deal with everything alone here. But, at the Eight Supreme Empires, what if she encountered some danger without him by her side?

    He shook his head at this thought. "I don't quite agree. I want to protect Mistress more than guarding the Phoenix Empire and Mistress' family." Even if he stayed in the space to cultivate and didn't come out, he could sense it when his Mistress encountered mortal danger. Naturally, he would be able to come out and rescue her. But, if he stayed here as his Mistress ordered, even if he sensed her in danger, he couldn't help!

    "No, if I met someone that I can't defeat, I can still run away!"

    She stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder. "I can feel more at ease with you guarding here. But, if you stay and there's nothing happening, you need to practice in the cave-dwelling. I've thought about it, this won't take long. Wait for me to come back. If there are no major issues here, you can come with me, okay?"

    "What if you don't return after many years?" He asked somewhat dejectedly. From her manner, it seemed she had no intention to bring him.

    "It won't be for many years." Her bright eyes fell on Fire Phoenix. With a solemn tone, she said, "I will bring my mother back to my father. You may rest assured that I will come back within three years."

    Seeing this, he could only nod. "This is what you said, at most for three years. If you don't come back after three years, I will go find you."

    He was really worried that she was out there alone, especially in the Eight Supreme Empires, where her strength was only at the Nascent Soul level. He was a little uneasy that he was not by her side when she encountered danger.

    "Mm." She smiled and nodded. She reached forward and hugged him. With a gentle voice, she said, "Thank you, Fire Phoenix."
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