1234 Long-term matters

    In her embrace, Fire Phoenix had the feeling of being held in her arms when he was a child. There was a grin on his face. Feng Jiu was his Mistress, yet more like a human's mother.

    He had been following her since childhood, from the initial disdain and contempt to being fond of her from the bottom of his heart and acknowledged her. At every step of the way, they were growing together.

    "Mistress, since I'm not at your side to protect you, you must take good care of yourself and don't get hurt." He was still uneasy. "Three years later, you must remember to come back to pick me up."

    "Mm, I will." She smiled, then she took him to the palace and told her grandfather and father about it.

    At the palace.

    "What? You want Fire Phoenix to stay as the empire's guardian? That won't do! "

    Feng Sanyuan and Feng Xiao objected. "You don't have to worry about the Phoenix Empire. Now various countries come to congratulate us. Those forces and influential families just want to make friends with us. We will be fine here. Instead, if you are going alone to the Eight Supreme Empires without Fire Phoenix, how can we rest assured?"

    Feng Sanyuan said this while waving his hand and shaking his head: "No, I don't agree with this. I don't agree. You have to bring Fire Phoenix with you."

    Feng Xiao conceded. "Yes, Little Jiu, don't worry about this side! Judging from the current situation, there will be no danger here. Although we are a sixth-grade country at the moment, even the first-grade country will not be stupid enough to attack us when we have such strength."

    Fire Phoenix's eyes lit up at their words. He looked up at his Mistress. They wouldn't let him stay. If she agreed, he could go with her to the Eight Supreme Empires!

    However, Feng Jiu shook her head and spoke resolutely. "No. I'm not worried about the first-grade country's various forces. I'm worried about the Eight Supreme Empire's people."

    After a pause, she said, "The rise of the Phoenix Empire is too fast that it is bound to attract envy. Even if various nations do not do anything, there is no guarantee that they will not secretly ask people to deal with us. It just needs one powerful man from the Eight Supreme Empires to destroy a country."

    At this point, she frowned slightly. "When I went to the Hell Mountains, I met a powerful man whose strength was absolutely above the Nascent Soul. If that kind of powerful man wants to attack, no matter how many Feng guards won't be able to stop him. But, Fire Phoenix is different. Even the most powerful cultivators are no match for the adult ancient divine beast. With the growth of Fire Phoenix today, his power can crush everything, including the strong ones above the Nascent Soul."

    The two men's faces were solemn when they heard this. Indeed, what they have seen and met is just one corner of the Golden Mountain. There were too many powerful people in this world. Would they have the strength to protect their emperor if the powerful men had the strength above the Nascent Soul level?

    She looked at them. "That's why I want to leave Fire Phoenix here for three years. If nothing serious happens in three years, it should be alright. Even if something happens, I will feel at ease that Fire Phoenix is here."

    Feng Xiao father and son took a look at each other, then at Fire Phoenix, then at Feng Jiu. "But if Fire Phoenix stays, what will you do? You go there by yourself. Isn't it dangerous in such an environment without Fire Phoenix by your side? "

    She smiled. "You don't have to worry about that. I won't hide my abilities when I go there."
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