1469 Feng Jiu, Who The Hell Are You?

    Feng Jiu asked: "What did you say to him?"

    Luo Heng scratched his head and said: "I, I didn't even get a chance to speak and they left. He just came over to let me know and he didn't even go inside to look at Senior Brother Chen. He left so quickly that I couldn't react quick enough!"

    "Next time he comes, tell him that Senior Brother Chen wishes to return after three months. If he asks you for the reason, just tell him that Senior Brother Chen has lived here for so many years and he has sentimental feelings to this place. He knows that once he leaves he will never be able to come back. Therefore, you hope that Great Elder will be accommodating and allow him to remain here for three more months before taking him back."

    She paused and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly: "I don't think that the Great Elder will refuse such a small request and have no regard for the family clan."

    Luo Heng was a little puzzled by what he heard and asked: "Why don't we tell him the truth that you are helping Senior Brother Chen with his treatment? And that he will recover in three months time? Is it because you are not confident?" Wasn't it more straightforward to tell him the truth? Why did he have to make excuses?

    Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and said: "I am only an errand boy, if you don't even believe that I can cure Senior Brother Chen, do you think the Great Elder will believe it? Moreover, won't it sound a little strange telling the truth? You said it yourself, how can an odd-jobber disciple like myself possess medical skills? If they decide to deal with me like I'm a spy, then who will I turn to when I'm in trouble?"

    "That's right, you have medical skills, so why are you an errand boy? Unless you're really a spy?" He asked in confusion, as he really did find it very strange!

    The corners of Feng Jiu's mouth twitched. How annoying, he had questions for everything she said. At this rate, he would just keep asking questions....

    "Hey, Feng Jiu, you..."

    She raised her hand to stop him from asking anymore questions: "I'm going to check on Senior Brother Chen." She then entered Chen Dao's cave dwelling.

    After she had come to Chen Dao's bedside, she checked his pulse and the speed of recovery of the wound on his back. She also asked: "When did you apply the ointment?"

    "I applied it in the morning." Luo Heng who was following behind her replied and also came to the bedside: "Feng Jiu, Senior Brother Chen hasn't eaten in a few days. Can his body really be sustained just by taking your liquid medicine?"

    "Yes, of course."

    She then asked how much medicine was left. After checking the medicines, she left a few more bottles and said: "In another half a month! After another half a month we can wake him up and he can eat by himself. By then, he will also be able to feel the recovery of strength in his back."

    When she saw Luo Heng staring at her without saying anything, she asked: "What's the matter? Is there something on my face?"

    "No, there's nothing on your face. It's just that, you're amazing! Although I don't have much medical knowledge, I can see Senior Brother Chen improving daily. So tell me why would a person such as yourself be an errand boy?"

    Feng Jiu smiled without the intention of saying much more and started to walk outside. However, she was blocked by Luo Heng: "Feng Jiu, tell me honestly, it's a torture to be left dangling like that! Tell me truthfully, who the hell are you?"

    "I am Feng Jiu! That's my name, I didn't lie to you." She chuckled and said: "As for other matters, don't be too nosey, you just need to know that I won't harm you."

    "But, who are you really? The more I look at it, the more I feel that you're not a simple errand boy. Although I am an alchemist but after being by your side, I am feeling more and more like I am the errand boy instead."
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