1237 Where did she go?

    When he received the order from his superior asking him to report Feng Jiu's latest situation, he sent his men to investigate. However, when they checked, they then knew that after returning to the Phoenix Empire, nobody knew the whereabouts of Ghost Doctor after she left. Therefore, they hurriedly reported the news to Ren Xiang.

    "What? Gone? How did she go missing? Didn't I tell you to keep an eye on her?" Ren Xiang wrung his brows and glared at his subordinates. He shouted, "Even if you lost her, she should know which country she went to, right?"

    The kneeling subordinates hung their heads even lower. Each one of them didn't dare to speak.

    "You don't know?" Ren Xiang's voice raised up slightly with surprise and reprimanded them. "What did you eat? You've followed a person yet have no idea where she's gone? Not even knowing which country she's gone to? Why don't you go quickly and find it out for me? What are you doing here being stupefied?"

    "Yes." It was only then that the kneeling subordinates retreated quickly and dared not stay any longer.

    "Where did she run away to? Is it possible that she went to a first-grade country?" Ren Xiang walked around in the courtyard with hands clasped behind his back while mumbling in a low voice. "She advanced to the Golden Core stage while at the second-star academy. This one year and a half, I don't know if she's advanced again. Where did she go this time?"

    "However, with her strength and reputation, as long as she does not go to the depths of the mountains, no one will attack her here." He's not worried about the danger. But, Master wanted to hear her news. What should he give them?

    Should he just send word that he didn't even know where Ghost Doctor was? He would suffer as soon as the news got back. But if he didn't send the info, he would be in trouble.

    After giving it some thoughts, he'd better report it truthfully. Otherwise, it would be the same if they sent someone down. So he turned and walked into the room, and soon sent the message.

    Compared to Feng Jiu who took three months to reach the Eight Supreme Empires, Ren Xiang's news was received in only a month or so.

    After handling the affairs in the palace, Xuanyuan Mo Ze returned to his residence.

    Xuanyuan Empire was one of the Eight Supreme Empires. The imperial ruler of a country was addressed as the Holy Emperor. He led the country and his consciousness covered every inch of the land.

    Of course, those sects were the exception.

    Among the Eight Supreme Empires, only those sects were not included in the countries' territorial boundaries. They had their own borders and were not owned by any country nor were they under the control of any country.

    Nowadays, in addition to the Holy Emperor, Xuanyuan Mo Ze had the greatest power in the Xuanyuan Empire. However, after taking care of the affairs at the palace, he left and did not reside there.

    In his mansion, he stood by the pond with his hands clasped behind his back, frowning slightly as he thought of the news Ren Xiang had sent.

    How could they not find her? Where would she have gone to? When he heard the last news that she brought several people to the Hell Mountains with her Golden Core strength, he was on tenterhooks for fear that she would encounter danger inside.

    She dared to go in such a place merely relying on her Golden Core strength. You know, if one didn't manage well, one would die there.

    But when he thought about it, that's exactly what she would do. That person, was there anything she didn't dare to do?

    Fortunately, in the end, she came out safely. But now, where did she go?

    Without news, he felt flustered. At this moment, he really wanted to go back and find out where she had gone.
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