1238 Feng Jiu, the beggar

    Meanwhile, a petite figure dressed in a shabby beggar attire was coming in from the city gate of the Xuanyuan Empire's Imperial City.

    Her face was smeared with dirt but her particularly bright and clever eyes were cunningly looking around. And this person was no other than Feng Jiu, whose hobby was disguising herself as a beggar.

    When they went to the city nearest to the Pill Sun Sect, they learned that the sect would not recruit students until the spring of next year. Therefore, seeing that she could not enter the Pill Sun sect, she came up with the idea of Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

    She thought that since she couldn't go to find her mother, she'd better find Xuanyuan Mo Ze first. She'd give him a surprise attack to see whether he had a beauty in his arms while she's not present.

    So, having settled Leng Shuang and several others as well as the few little beasts in the house purchased there, she inquired for Xuanyuan Mo Ze's news and came to the Imperial City.

    She heard that although Xuanyuan Mo Zo was the crown prince, he didn't reside in the palace but in a mansion in the Imperial City.

    As she walked, she thought about how to get into the house.

    She would be able to walk in as soon as she revealed her identity or found Gray Wolf, but wasn't that a lot less fun? She really wanted to know if he would recognize her if she were to slip into his mansion.

    There was a glimmer of excitement in her heart when she had this idea.

    However, his mansion must have been under martial law. It wouldn't be easy for her to get in!

    So, she shuttled around the Imperial City in her beggar disguise, listening for news, and occasionally sat at a place a little far from his residence, eating steamed buns while mulling over ideas.

    In this way, for three consecutive days, she sometimes saw Gray Wolf coming in and out of the place but did not see Xuanyuan Mo Ze appear. Until, three days later, in the morning, she followed the old man who had come out of the crown prince's mansion to purchase stuff and heard what he was saying to the people around him.

    "My distantly related nephew is coming, so I asked the steward to arrange for him to be a servant boy in the mansion. I expect he will be here at noon. Go to the gate and pick him up at the city gate later. I still have work to do when I get back! I don't have time to pick him up in person."

    "But I don't know your nephew! Since you ask my help to pick him up, you should at least tell me a trait of his!" The tall, thin man next to him spoke.

    "His trait? It's hard to say what he looks like. I only saw him once when he was seven or eight years old. After so many years, how do you know what he looks like? But I told him in my letter to tie a red cloth to his hands. If you wait at the city gate, you will recognize him. "

    "Ok! I see." The tall, thin man answered, helping with the shopping.

    Behind, Feng Jiu was crunching a piece of fruit noisily while looking all over the place. An idea sprang to her mind in an instant.

    She glanced at the two men walking in front of her. They were two Foundation Building cultivators, but they were only servants who had been bought in the house. These days she wandered through the city and saw that most of the street vendors and workers in the shops were Foundation Buildings and Golden Core cultivators.

    Some of those people were waiters in restaurants, some were shop guards, some were peddlers hawking their wares in the street. It was an eye-opener for her.

    These cultivators were highly valued in a clan. It's only in such a place that they turned into people doing odd jobs.
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