1239 I’m Da Niu

    There was no lack of shopkeepers at this place who were at the level of Nascent Soul. She became speechless. In a first-grade country, one powerful Nascent Cultivator would take charge as a clan head or even a family ancestor. However, at this place, he would just drift along as a shopkeeper. It's truly hopeless.

    But after a few days, she calmed down a lot. Where there were the strong, there were the weak. She knew long ago, but she didn't expect that the so-called weak people in this place were doing odd jobs.

    In spite of this, however, with Nascent Soul cultivators in charge, it's very possible that ordinary people dared not mess around in these places.

    As she walked along, eating fruit, she contemplated in her heart. She came to a deserted place, changed her clothes, wiped the dust off her face, and turned into an ordinary boy in a set of black clothes. Her pair of clever and crafty eyes glimmered with stratagem. Then, she went to the city gate.

    After waiting for a few days, she finally got such an opportunity. Of course, she had to seize it.

    She went to the gate of the city to wait. From morning till noon, she didn't see anyone. She couldn't help being a little anxious. Could this person get lost or fail to come? Then, didn't her plan fall through?

    While she was still pondering the situation, she saw a figure pulling a burlap sack into the city. The person held the sack with a hand tied with a red cloth. While walking, he looked around as if looking for someone.

    Feng Jiu quickly stepped forward and pulled him aside. "You are that...that...What's your name again?"

    "I'm Da Niu. Did my uncle ask you to pick me up?"

    "Oh! Yes, right, it's Da Niu. It's Da Niu. " Feng Jiu patted her head and said with a smile, "Look, it's my brain. I can't believe I remembered the name wrong, but fortunately, it's alright as long as I pick you up."

    "Haha, yes! It's alright, you've picked me up. I was afraid nobody would wait for me! " He put down the sack he was carrying on his shoulder and grinned. "This is what my father asked me to bring to my uncle."

    "You silly guy, still smiling so happily. I tell you, you've got big trouble." Feng Jiu told him in a low voice. "Your uncle let me come to tell you, go home, this position is not available anymore. Here's the money he gave you. Take it."

    She took out a pouch and stuffed it into the boy's hand. "Also, your uncle said not to write to him for several months. He will contact you as soon as the matter blows over."

    "Ah? Really, really?" The young man's face turned white with fear.

    "Right, where's the letter he gave you?" She asked.

    "Here, it's here." He quickly took the letter out and handed it to Feng Jiu.

    "Well, that's all right. Go back quickly. I'll give this bag to your uncle for you." She motioned, untied the red cloth on his hand and told him to leave quickly.

    The boy looked at the money and heard that there was danger, so he dared not stay and left in a hurry.

    Watching him go out of the gate, Feng Jiu smiled and narrowed her eyes, quickly tied her arm, and then carried her stuff to the city gate to wait.

    After the time it took for a half column incense to burn had passed, a tall and thin man came to the gate of the city. He saw the boy sitting in the corner with a red cloth tied on his hand, so he ran over quickly.

    "Are you Da Niu?"

    "It's me." Feng Jiu replied, looking at this tall and thin man and asked happily, "Did my uncle ask you to pick me up? Where's my uncle? Why didn't he come? "

    Hearing the question, the tall and thin man answered, "Your uncle is busy!"
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