1240 Acquaintances

    He glanced at Feng Jiu and asked, "Where's the letter?"

    "It's here." She took the letter out from her bosom and gave it to him.

    The tall, thin man took it and nodded. "Mm, come with me! When you get to the mansion, someone will teach you the rules." Then he glanced at the bag and asked, "What is that?"

    "Local specialities, for my uncle." She grinned.

    The man frowned with disgust and said, "Alright, carry it and go!"

    So, Feng Jiu carried her things and followed the man behind. They entered Xuanyuan Mo Ze's mansion through the back door.

    The tall and thin man took Feng Jiu to the old man. "He has brought you some local specialities." He cast a ridiculing glance at the young man carrying a big bag, shook his head and turned away.

    The old man looked at the young man in front of him with surprise, "Are you Da Niu?"

    "Yes, uncle! You don't know me? I saw you once when I was seven or eight. " Feng Jiu smiled with her pair of eyes squinted. She called out 'Uncle' so smoothly, that people who didn't know would take it seriously!

    "These are some local specialities for you. Take a look." She bent slightly to open the bag.

    "All right, all right. There's no need to look. Come with me!"

    As he spoke, he took him down to a room while explaining to him. "It was only after Uncle begged the steward for a long time that he agreed. When you get in here, it's different from the outside. You must do your work seriously and you must do what the Master tells you to do. In this house, we are servants and we can't raise our heads to look directly at the Master. It's rude. If you don't get it right, you'll die. You must remember what I said."

    "Yes, I know."

    As she walked along, she looked around curiously. She could feel that there were no dark guards in this place because this was the place where the servants lived. Generally, the place with dark guards was only the courtyard where the master lived and some important places in the mansion.

    "This is the place where the servants live. You may walk about as you wish. Follow me later, and I'll tell you where in the mansion you may not enter without permission." With that, the old man pointed to a room in front of him. "This is the room where the clothes are ready for you. In this room, as a little manservant, you have to wear a manservant's uniform. Go in and change, I'll wait for you here."

    "Yes, I know."

    She answered and went into a simple single room. She changed her clothes quickly and went out. She followed the old man to the front and got familiar with some places. She also was told that the inner courtyard was an important place. Without the Master's summon, no one could enter it.

    When she heard that, she couldn't help but be surprised. In other words, it would be difficult for her if she wanted to see Xuanyuan Mo Ze here? Really?

    "Da Niu? What are you looking at? That place is the main courtyard, the Master's courtyard. You can't look at it at will." The old man said, motioning him to leave quickly.

    Feng Jiu's lip corners twitched slightly. You couldn't take a casual look inside a courtyard? Would it kill you to look at it? She cursed out inwardly. When she was about to leave with him, he heard a familiar voice coming over.

    "That boy over there, come here."

    Feng Jiu stopped and looked back. She saw the man walking there was all dressed and had a familiar face. There was no doubt that it's Gray Wolf. She had not seen him for a few years, but he still wanted to be taught a lesson. When she saw him, she could not help showing an imperceptible smile.


    "I'm calling you! What are you still doing there? Why don't you come over? " Gray Wolf stared and shouted loudly.
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