1476 Wanrong advanced

    "Martial Uncle Duan, of course, I entered Pill Sun Sect in the hope that I could learn skills! Although I didn't expect to be an errand boy, working as an errand boy is also being an odd-jobber disciple of the sect. I also didn't approach Martial Uncle Shangguan. I spoke only a few sentences with her while sending her spirit herbs. Again, I ran into her at the mystic realm and then walked alongside her. That's all."

    "If anything, it is true that Martial Uncle Shangguan took care of me since she thought I was very young. How can Martial Uncle Duan ask these strange questions?"

    With an innocent look, Feng Jiu told him, "If you don't believe me, you can ask Martial Uncle Shangguan. However, since returning to the sect, she seems to be in seclusion. She hasn't called me to send her spirit herbs and I haven't seen her for a long time as well."

    "Seriously, is it as simple as that?" Duan Mubai was still suspicious.

    "Yeah. Otherwise, what does Martial Uncle Duan think?" She asked with confusion, cocking her head to one side while thinking. "Is there a problem when Martial Uncle Shangguan looks at me kindly? She's a gentle person, isn't she? Why does Martial Uncle Duan have such a strange idea that I intend to snatch Martial Uncle Shangguan?"

    She asked again, meeting his examining gaze with a gracious look. Her limpid eyes were without the slightest sign of timidity.

    Duan Mubai stared at Feng Jiu for a while. Seeing the young man had a gracious look and crystal clear eyes, he withdrew his glance and commanded calmly. "Later, stay far away from her." With this, he turned around and left.

    Feng Jiu's eyes flickered as she watched Duan Mubai departing. As his figure gradually got further away, her lips curved, revealing a villainous and unrestrained smile.

    "In fact, I should tell you that. Stay away from my mother, otherwise, I won't be so easy on you."

    She spoke in a calm and unhurried voice. Then, she retracted her gaze and walked down the peak with a smile on her lips.

    In the following days, she went to the cave where her mother advanced to take a look. Although the cave's formation array was fully activated, she held the jade card given by her mother to enter and leave the cave at will.

    In this tranquil, as the days went by, Chen Dao's injury was getting better and better. From being unable to get out of bed to now getting to his feet and moving around. His recovery was extremely fast. In addition, the news that he could get out of bed and move about was blocked. No one else knew except Feng Jiu and Luo Heng.

    In this regard, Chen Dao was all the more thankful and full of admiration towards Feng Jiu, because what she previously told him was true. He was close to full recovery in less than three months. In a few days, he should have been able to heal completely.

    On this day, there were several peals of thunder in the sky, as if someone was advancing. As soon as the thunder spread, it surprised the people at Third Sun Peak and even alarmed everyone at the Pill Sun Sect.

    Especially, when the alchemists at the top of Pill Sun Sect learned that it was Master Third Sun's disciple Shangguan Wanrong who was advancing into the Nascent Soul stage, they were even more envious and amazed.

    "She hasn't entered the sect for long, yet her strength has progressed very fast. I believe she was just a Foundation Building cultivator at that time. Now, she is a Nascent Soul. It's really something to look forward to."

    "Yes, she is also Master Third Sun's disciple and a member of our sect. Such a person really is a genius."
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