1477 A Nascent Soul is born

    "Reportedly, she also cultivated combat skills, unlike most alchemists in our sect who only cultivated their spirit energy. It's good to have one more person with fighting strength, so that those people won't say our alchemists can only refine pills and can't fight."

    "Exactly. People said that Shangguan Wanrong was brought here from a country below. Her fighting strength is something that people much anticipate. It seems that we have to send a gift to Master Third Sun, to congratulate him on receiving such a good disciple, to congratulate his disciple advancing into Nascent Soul!"

    "Hahahaha, this is a must, a must."

    Several peak masters above the main peak were chatting and smiling. They all made up their mind to send congratulatory gifts to the Third Sun Peak.

    Meanwhile, in the Third Sun Peak.

    Keeping watch outside her mother's cave dwelling, Feng Jiu leaned back against the big, lush tree. She was both happy and worried to see the third tribulation lightning stroke down.

    Finally, her mother entered into the Nascent Soul.

    For the past three months, she had been guarding this place. No one else was able to enter the cave, but she went in every once in a while. Moreover, when her mother was in seclusion, Feng Jiu once gave her a bottle of potion that could help her advance. She also controlled the date of her mother's entry into the Nascent Soul within these three months.

    She knew that once her mother successfully advanced, the next thing they had to work hard to deal with: Master Third Sun would definitely look for the opportunity to make her mother disappear without a trace!

    While she was deep in thought, Duan Mubai and others came to her mother's cave to inquire for news. All the four men reached the cave's exterior and looked at the mighty pressure and spirit energy breath pervading from the depth of the cave.

    "Senior Brother, Junior Sister has really advanced! It's just barely 3 months!"

    "I didn't expect that she has actually become a Nascent Soul cultivator in 3 months. It's unimaginable, so incredible!"

    "When I entered Nascent Soul from the Golden Core peak level, it took me several years even with the help of pills. Yet, it took her only three months. Perhaps, the medicinal pills Master gave her was the best quality advancing pill?"

    "Right. It's really fast. Her speed is incredible."

    Hearing these, Duan Mubai looked at the tightly-closed cave with a profound gaze. "Junior Sister's talent is also excellent, isn't it? If not, Master would not accept her as his disciple. Moreover, it's not like nobody else has entered Nascent Soul within three months. It's not something to fuss over."

    Meanwhile, in the ninth peak, Master Third Sun's eyes brightened when he saw the tribulation lightning shot down. He couldn't cover his surprise and excitement: "It's a success! She finally entered the Nascent Soul stage! A Nascent Soul is born! Hahahaha!"

    With excited laughter, he got up quickly to go to the eighth peak. He couldn't wait to see Shangguan Wanrong who just entered the Nascent Soul stage.

    When Master Third Sun arrived at the eighth peak, he saw many people surrounding the entrance of the peak. However, still many more disciples entered the peak and came to the cave's surrounding for discussion.

    At the very front stood his few disciples Duan Mubai and others. Seeing this, he straightened his mind. After a light cough, he calmed his excited mood and stepped forward. A deep voice filled with displeasure rang out from his mouth.

    "What are you all doing here? Don't you have work to do? Disperse quickly!"

    "We pay respects to the Peak Master." Many disciples saluted at once and withdrew a little.

    "We've seen Master." Duan Mubai and other disciples turned around, also giving him a salute.

    When Master Third Sun was about to nod in response, he suddenly sensed that someone was staring at him...
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