1478 How ill-mannered!

    Who was staring at him?

    His face sank. He looked around but that gaze vanished without a trace as if it was just an illusion.

    Was it an illusion?

    His eyes were glum as he started to ponder. Then, he heard Duan Mubai and his other disciples' voices.

    "Master, what's wrong?"

    Not only those few disciples looked at him, but also the disciples around them also looked at Master Third Sun and felt that he seemed a little strange.

    Master Third Sun dismissed this thought and glanced at them. "It's nothing." He looked at the cave dwelling and asked, "Your Junior Sister should be coming out from the seclusion soon."

    "Yes. We didn't expect Junior Sister to enter Nascent Soul in three months. Her talent is remarkable."

    Master Third Sun stroked his beard with a smile as if he was also very happy.

    "Founder, other peak masters have sent their disciples here. Right now, they are waiting for you at the ninth peak." A disciple rushed in to report.

    Master Third Sun was surprised and then nodded. "Mm, I know." He told Duan Mubai and his other disciples, "Just wait here! Wait for your Junior Sister to leave the seclusion and go together to the ninth peak. I have some instructions for her."

    "Yes." Duan Mubai and others responded. They saw him walking past the crowd. Before leaving, he stopped to glance around and then left.

    Duan Mubai saw that and also looked around with some doubts, pondering inwardly, "What is Master looking at? Is there something around here?"

    But, leaning on the big tree, Feng Jiu was staring fixedly at the departing Master Third Sun until his figure was completely invisible and only retracted her gaze after.

    Her mother advanced, and here he came. Instructions? What kind of instructions could he have? She would see what kind of game he was planning next.

    After retracting her gaze, she saw Duan Mubai staring at her direction and was coming towards her. She curved her lips but didn't go down. She kept sitting on the tree watching him approach.

    "What are you doing here?"

    Duan Mubai wrung his brows and stared at the boy in blue sitting leisurely on the tree. That figure in blue hid among the luxuriant leaves in complete silence that it was difficult to spot her.

    If he hadn't looked around and found that the boy who paid great attention to his junior sister wasn't among the crowd, he wouldn't have noticed the big tree not far from the cave.

    But, when did the boy come? How could he conceal his breath so well? Was he the person whom his master was looking for just now?

    Feng Jiu was all smiles when she looked at Duan Mubai who stood under the tree. "Martial Uncle Duan! How do you know I'm here? You are awesome."

    "Why are you here? What are you doing here again?" Duan Mubai asked again, looking a bit unsightly.

    "Isn't Martial Uncle Shangguan advanced? I'm here to watch the fun and wait for Martial Uncle Shangguan to come out! Isn't Martial Uncle Duan also waiting for her? Isn't everyone coming here for the excitement?"

    Duan Mubai raised his head and looked at the young man smiling with a pure and innocent look. Although knowing what the young man said was exactly like this, he could not help feeling that there was something wrong. After some thoughts, he looked up at the errand boy and his face sank.

    "Come down and answer me. How ill-mannered of you to sit on the tree!"

    Feng Jiu was startled. She responded with an "Oh." Then, she jumped down from the tree and landed in front of him.
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