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    The old man was a little surprised when he heard this and answered quickly: "Yes."

    "You may leave!" He waved his hand and gestured.

    Upon seeing this, the old man and Feng Jiu bowed then retreated. It wasn't until after they had walked some distance away before the old man glanced up and down at Feng Jiu and said directly: "You are a lucky lad. So many people here want to work in the inner courtyard but don't get the chance to. You've only been here for half a day and the steward has allowed you to enter the inner courtyard. I really couldn't tell that you are such a blessed person."

    Feng Jiu grinned and scratched her head in embarrassment: "It's the steward who has good foresight." He had good foresight to transfer her to the inner courtyard to sweep the floor. Compared to Gray Wolf, the steward was much more reliable! But what exactly is the steward's background? He seemed different from ordinary people.

    So, she asked: "Uncle, the steward looks like a rich man's son on the outside."

    "What do you mean rich man's son on the outside? The steward is a rich man's son!" The old man said, lowering his voice: "Let uncle tell you now, the surname of the steward in this residence is Yang, his name is Yong. He is the second son of the Yang Family in the Imperial City, it's just that he has been following My Lord all this time. He has been the steward in the residence for many years now."

    "Oh, I see!" He gave up being a playboy and went to be a steward for Xuanyuan Mo Ze instead? That's amazing.

    "Okay okay, let's go! I will take you to see the steward in charge of the inner courtyard. Uncle is the steward in charge of the outer courtyard. The inner courtyard isn't managed by uncle. You need to be smart otherwise if you get in trouble uncle won't be able to save you."

    "Yes, I understand uncle, you can be rest assured!" She smiled and followed him inside.

    The next morning, she got up before dawn. After she washed herself, she went out to water the flowers in the garden. Then she took a broom and swept the floor, looking around from time to time. She saw that there were maid servants in the outer courtyard, but everyone in the inner courtyard was male.

    Did he not want to be close to females? He didn't even have a maidservant walking around the courtyard at all and only used manservants?

    She was surprised in her heart. As she swept, she kept moving over towards the front of the main courtyard. However, before she got near, she was stopped.

    "This is My Lord's courtyard, there are selected servants who clean up. You can go outside to clean up." The guard said in a calm voice as he stared at Feng Jiu holding the broom.

    "Oh." Feng Jiu responded, looking back as she walked away. When she came to the garden and saw that no one was around, she walked over to the stone steps and sat down.

    Her residence wasn't even that tightly guarded, it was going to be even harder than climbing up to heaven to get close to him. She hadn't even seen a shadow of him since yesterday, wasn't it a waste of time going on like that?

    Her hands held her chin as she thought for a moment, her eyes sparkled. Or, she could explore late at night?

    However, other than Nascent Soul cultivators, there seemed to be a few more very strong breaths in the residence. There must be strong exponents above the Nascent Soul stage guarding the residence. If she was killed for being mistaken as an assassin, then she would have been very wronged.

    When she heard the sounds of footsteps coming her way, she stood up quickly and took a few steps and squatted down amongst the flowers and began pulling weeds out while she took note of the people approaching.

    "I heard that there is no news of the Ghost Doctor? That's why My Lord's temper has been so foul these few days? That's why I was punished by My Lord to clean the toilets over such a small matter? What is Ren Xiang doing? He's far away from My Lord so he can't get punished, but I am near My Lord so I am being punished. I've become his punching bag."

    Gray Wolf's bitter voice drifted over and Feng Jiu couldn't help but smile.
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