1244 Sounding Ou

    They would never have guessed that she was already here, and that she had already infiltrated into the residence!

    "Hmm? What are you doing here?" Gray Wolf had noticed the figure crouched down in front of the flowers and asked in a loud voice.

    Feng Jiu turned around and grinned: "I'm weeding!"

    "It's you, kid?" Gray Wolf glared: "Aren't you supposed to be working in the outer courtyard? Why are you in the inner courtyard?"

    "The steward told me to come in. I am in charge of sweeping the floor, watering the flowers and weeding."

    "Yang Yong told you to come in here?" Gray Wolf whispered eerily: "When did a newcomer become allowed to come into the inner courtyard?"

    Shadow One who was beside him said: "Didn't you pull him inside yesterday?"

    "That's different."

    "It's no different." He replied. He looked at Feng Jiu briefly before looking away: "Anyone whom Yang Yong has approved is someone who can be trusted. Let's go!"

    When he heard this, Gray Wolf also turned away and ignored him. After all, under Yang Yong's management as the steward, nothing unexpected had ever happened in the residence. His ability is obvious to all, anyone he allowed to come in should be fine.

    After she watched them leave, Feng Jiu returned to pulling the weeds out.

    After being in the inner courtyard for a few days and she still hadn't seen Xuanyuan Moze, she was unable to contain herself. On this day, she went to sweep the floor again, she thought that surely he would come out? Or did she miss him when he came out?

    At the same time, unbeknown to her, in a courtyard within the inner courtyard, Yang Yong looked at the strong exponent in front of him and asked: " How?"

    "Ever since he has arrived at the inner courtyard, the most frequent place he goes to is My Lord's main courtyard. When no one is around he loafs on the job, when someone walks past he holds the broom and pretends to sweep. Yesterday evening he even took a nap by the flowers. Today he has gone to My Lord's main yard to sweep the floor again. At initial observation, there is a problem with this person and it's definitely directed at My Lord."

    The strong exponent's voice was deep and solemn, he looked at Yang Yong: "Shall we get rid of him?"

    After hearing the words, Yang Yong smiled gently and said: "Have you seen him be harmful against anyone?"

    "Not at the moment, but he might harbour evil intentions."

    "What about his cultivation strength? Did you detect any?" Yang Yong asked.

    "No, maybe he has concealed his cultivation strength with methods so I can't detect the strength of his cultivation."

    Yang Yong nodded upon hearing this: "Okay, I know, you may leave! I will handle this matter."

    Seeing this, the strong exponent nodded and turned to leave.

    After a slight pause, Yang Yong stood up and walked out, his hand behind his back, in a winding pattern, he walked through the courtyard and arrived near the main courtyard. He saw the figure sweeping the floor half-heartedly with a look of idleness.

    As he looked at the teenager, his hand moved slightly and a silver needle as thin as a strand of hair struck out, cold and silent towards the teenager.

    He watched silently and saw the lazy teenager hadn't even turned his head, but with a slight deviation, the silver needle flew past his cheek and entered deep into a big tree not far away.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu's eyes moved slightly. She looked back: "Steward?"

    Yang Yong nodded at this and walked over. He asked in a warm voice: "Are you getting used to it here?" The unexpected sharpness of the teenager had surprised him. He didn't even turn his head and had so easily avoided his silver needle.

    How could such a teenager have come from the countryside?
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