1249 Then I Shall Eat It?

    Soon, Gray Wolf brought a manservant back: "My Lord, is he alright?"

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked up and glanced. He frowned: "Change him."

    "Yes." He was surprised, but he went to look for another manservant anyway.

    "My Lord, what about him?" Gray Wolf had brought in another person.

    "Change again."

    This time, even Shadow One who was standing at the side was a little surprised. He looked at the manservant and then at My Lord, finding it all a little odd in his heart. My Lord didn't have the rule about testing his food, why was he so peculiar today?"


    He wondered secretly in his heart and a thought flashed across his mind. Could it be the new manservant? In the past few days there had been a new manservant who had started working in the inner courtyard. Yang Yong had transferred him over here. Was My Lord looking for him?

    Therefore, when he saw Gray Wolf taking the manservant out and was about to go looking for a new one, he said: "Let me go!" Under Gray Wolf's surprised stare, he led the manservant away. After he left the main courtyard, he inquired on the whereabouts of the new manservant.

    "Shadow Guard, the new manservant is called Little Plum. As it is currently meal time, he is most likely in the kitchen." One of the guards said.

    "Yes, he should be in the kitchen. That kid is the most punctual when it's time to go to the kitchen. If you can't find him then he is most likely in the kitchen." The other person said.

    When he heard this, Shadow One was a little surprised but still went towards the kitchen. It was meal time, so when he arrived at the kitchen, there were a few guards and a manservant queuing up for food. That skinny figure was amongst them.

    Seeing that figure yawn boredly behind several guards, he stepped forward and came to that person's side.

    "Shadow Guard." Those who saw him greeted.

    "You, follow me."

    "Huh? Me? I am just about to have my meal and you want me to leave now?" Feng Jiu was a little displeased. She was hungry!

    "Come now, stop talking nonsense!" Shadow One turned around and walked away after he spoke.

    When she saw this, Feng Jiu had no choice but to follow him. When she had followed him to the main courtyard and saw the familiar dark figure, she couldn't help but felt excited.

    She would finally see him this time? Would he be able to recognise her? She had changed her looks and even she wasn't able to find a familiar feeling.

    "My Lord, will he do? This manservant is new here, he is called Little Plum." Shadow One said and gestured for Feng Jiu to step forward.

    "Little Plum greets My Lord." Feng Jiu stepped forward quickly and bowed respectfully. Her voice was also lower, unlike her voice previously.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked up. Though the face in front of him was unfamiliar, and so was the voice, but the pair of eyes, one look and he knew that it was her.

    The corners of his lips curved up undetectably. Maybe she didn't even realise the feeling her eyes gave people was just different!

    "Well." He answered and looked away, saying nothing further.

    Well, what? Feng Jiu was dumbfounded and looked at Shadow One beside her.

    "From today onwards you will test the food for My Lord. Any food that you give to My Lord to eat, you have to taste it first. After confirming that it is not poisonous then you may give it to My Lord to eat." Shadow One stood at one side and said.

    "Ah? Taste the food? Really?"

    Her eyes lit up. Her eyes fell on the exquisite food on the table. Though there wasn't that much food on the table, but they all looked very appetising.

    She stepped forward and looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze: "Shall I start?"
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