1251 There Is No Problem With The Person My Lord Trusts

    "No need no need, this is a good job, I will do it." Saying that, she picked up her chopsticks again.

    Upon seeing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn't say anything else and ate quietly with her. After the meal, he ordered the servants to clear away the dishes on the table and then instructed: "From today onwards, you will follow by my side!"

    "Ah?" She stared at him in amazement: "But I don't know how to do anything."

    "You just have to follow Your Liege and listen to my orders. If you don't know how to do something, naturally I won't ask you to do it." Saying that, he stood up: "And you will move into Your Liege's main courtyard. There is a spare room over there. From today onwards, you will handle all of my personal matters."

    As she stared at him dumbfounded and blinked her eyes, he kept a straight face and said in a calm voice: "Do your jobs well, if you do well, you will be rewarded, if you don't, you will be punished!"

    "What are you still doing here? Why aren't you going?"

    "Oh, okay." She replied, still in a daze. She stood up and walked out. As she was walking, she thought about it and felt that something was not right.

    At the same time, on the other side, Gray Wolf and Shadow One finally found Yang Yong who was in the front courtyard instructing a servant to do his chores.

    "Old Yang, what is that manservant's background?" Gray Wolf asked, he had walked up and patted his shoulder.

    "What's the matter?" Yang Yong smiled: "Has he offended you?"

    "No, he didn't, but it's weird! Not sure what's gotten in My Lord today, but he actually said he wanted someone to test his food. You know that his food is absolutely safe to eat but today he asked me to find a manservant to test his food. I found a few manservants but My Lord didn't want any of them. As soon as Shadow One went to get the new manservant Little Plum who works in the inner courtyard, My Lord kept him."

    When he spoke of that, Gray Wolf said with displeasure: "My Lord actually let him sit down to eat, we don't even get the same treatment."

    Upon hearing this, Yang Yong chuckled: "We don't have to second guess whatever My Lord does, he has his own reasons."

    "No, who exactly is that kid? Where did you find him?"

    "He is the distant nephew of the steward in charge of the outer courtyard. I found him honest and reliable so I arranged for him to go inside. Rest assured! There will be no problem."

    "What do you mean by no problem? I can tell that My Lord's attitude to him is different. Although the kid is handsome and honest looking but at first glance I feel that he is crafty, definitely not simple. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get to My Lord's side after only entering the residence after a few days."

    After he had finished speaking he became startled and slapped his thigh: "I know! This kid must be a spy who has infiltrated here! No, I must tell My Lord immediately!"

    "What nonsense are you talking about?!" Shadow One grabbed him and glanced at him: "Didn't you hear Yang Yong say that there is no problem with this kid? If there was something wrong would he transfer him inside?"


    "No buts, since he said there is no problem then there must be no problem, right Yang Yong?" Shadow One looked at him and asked.

    Yang Yong smiled gently and nodded at that: "Yes, you can rest assured, there's really no problem. Moreover, you must trust My Lord. My Lord has his own reasons for doing things, anyone he trusts, naturally so can we."

    It seems that My Lord had recognised the Ghost Doctor. However, he was curious how My Lord had recognised her. He had seen the portrait of the Ghost Doctor before, it was as different as heaven and earth to what Little Plum looked like now.
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