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    As soon as Master Third Sun uttered these words, his figure swept away. Almost at the same time as Shangguan Wanrong turned and fled, he gripped her shoulder with a speed that was incomparable to that of a Nascent Soul cultivator.


    The pang from the shoulder made her gasp with pain. She leaned the half-part of her body over, feeling his hand clenched against her shoulder as if he were trying to crush her bones into pieces. The pain made her unable to use her strength.

    "Wanrong, Master said that you can't escape. Go back with me obediently!" With a deep voice, he grabbed her and dragged her away to the other side.

    "Let me go! Let me go!"

    Shangguan Wanrong struggled and wanted to fight back. However, she just advanced to Nascent Soul and her breath was still unstable. As her shoulder was gripped by a Celestial Strong Exponent and crushed down by his powerful pressure, she was unable to fight back with her strength and could only be forcibly dragged away.

    "Shut up! Be quiet!"

    Seeing that she kept shouting and struggling, Master Third Sun raised his hand and tried to knock her unconscious. But, at this time, he suddenly felt a chill rising behind him. He flipped his hand, which was supposed to chop at Shangguan Wanrong's neck, and raised an attack directly towards his back.


    The airflow from his palm hit the ground with a thud and the sound of silt scattered echoed all around. At the same time, the roar of a ferocious beast came out. The ear-splitting sound was reverberating through the woods.


    Cloud Devouring Beast transformed into its original form and growled loudly with its fangs exposed. Its bloodthirsty eyes fixed on Master Third Sun. His sharp claws flashing and the divine beast's formidable breath surging through him.

    "Divine beast!"

    Master Third Sun cried out in surprise at the sight of Cloud Devouring Beast. He exclaimed, "How can there be a divine beast in this place?" Looking intently, he saw that it was a contracted divine beast. So, he calmed down and shouted in a steady voice. "Who is your master? What do you want to do!"

    "Let her go. If not, this Lord will tear you up!"

    The Cloud Devouring Beast spoke, his voice bloodthirsty and vicious. Its voice made people shudder with fear. In particular, the divine beast's pressure permeated and enveloped in the surrounding, forming a stream of air.

    Shangguan Wanrong was originally frightened by the sudden appearance of the divine beast. She didn't expect to hear this and wondered, could this be her daughter's beast? Did she arrange for the beast to guard outside?

    She was worried at this thought. Her daughter would not break the acupoints free and chase after her, would she?

    After Master Third Sun heard Cloud Devouring Beast's words, his sharp eyes narrowed. "Who asked you to come?" As soon as the sound falls, the wind from his palm turns into a vital energy blade. The blade went fiercely towards the Cloud Devouring Beast. At the same time, he grabbed Shangguan Wanrong and skimmed in the direction of the back of the mountain.

    If he wanted to take her back, he could only go up from the back of the mountain. Otherwise, people at the front would be able to see him.

    "Roar! Don't think you can run away!" Cloud Devouring Beast howled. It ran after him while dodging his attacks.

    Master Third Sun himself was an alchemist. Although he had never neglected his cultivation, his fighting strength was not comparable to that of a bona fide Celestial Strong Exponent. After dodging the attacks, his speed became slower and slower. There were numerous gashes on his body from the claws.


    His clothes were torn, blood trickled from his bloody mouth, and he staggered on his knees because he could not let go of Shangguan Wanrong. As soon as he let go, she must have run away. If he didn't have to take Shangguan Wanrong, he would not be forced to suffer up to this point.

    "Roar!" At the opportune moment, the Cloud Devouring Beast roared and pounced on him again.
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