1252 So It Was Her

    After hearing that, Shadow one didn't ask anything further. That sly fox, if he didn't want to reveal anything, it didn't matter what they asked, he wouldn't tell them. It was obvious he knew the background of this person but didn't intend to tell them so they could only find out by themselves.

    However, although there was something amiss with this person, he wasn't dangerous. Otherwise, Yang Yong wouldn't have transferred anyone who would be a threat to My Lord to the inner courtyard.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu had gone back to the servant quarters in the outer courtyard to pack her things when she realised that she didn't have anything much to pack!

    Just two sets of servants' uniforms and some toiletries, that was it.

    She packed up those things then sat cross-legged on the floor with one hand supporting her chin as she thought of something. Had Xuanyuan Mo Ze seen through her disguise? If he had then surely he would recognise her? He wouldn't be talking about punishment otherwise, so maybe he didn't recognise her but really just thought she was pleasing to the eye?

    Pleasing to the eye?

    She found it strange, she took a mirror out from space and looked into it. At most she looked like a handsome young man, the streets were filled with them.

    "Da Niu? Da Niu?"

    The voice from outside brought her out of her thoughts. She placed the mirror back into space then took her things and got off the bed and went outside.

    "Uncle? Why are you here?" It was the old man.

    "Uncle heard that since you have been transferred into the inner courtyard you are now serving My Lord personally, is that true?" The old man said excitedly. When he saw the things in her hand he couldn't help but reveal a big smile on his face.

    "Promising, very promising indeed! You've only been here for a few days and you've caught My Lord's eye. You have to work hard and not let down My Lord's trust in you."

    "Uncle, don't worry, I will do my best." She smiled and nodded.

    "Good, then you should get going! When Uncle heard that you had come back to pack your things and will be staying in the inner courtyard in the future, I had to come and take a look." The old man was so happy that he couldn't stop talking.

    "Okay, then I shall go now. My Lord told me to wait on him personally, I don't want him to be looking for me but can't find me." She put the clothes bundle on her shoulder then walked towards the inner courtyard under the old man's admiring gaze.

    "Hey, you stand there."

    Before she was able to enter the inner courtyard she was stopped. She turned back and saw Gray Wolf and Shadow One walking towards her. She greeted with a smile: "Chief Guard, Shadow Guard."

    "Where are you going with your clothes bundle?" Gray Wolf asked as he stared at the thin boy in front of him.

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu grinned: "My Lord wants me to wait on him personally and manage his personal affairs. He also told me to move into the spare room in the main courtyard. That's why I've come back to pack my things!"

    Upon hearing this Gray Wolf glared: "My Lord wants you to wait on him personally? And he wants you to stay in the main courtyard?" Did the sun rise from the west side? That was just too strange.

    When Shadow One heard this, his heart twinged. His eyes were fixed on the skinny boy, the boy didn't look outstanding at all. However, having followed My Lord for so many years, there was only one person who was able to make My Lord do all these strange things.

    As he looked at the person in front of him, secretly in his heart, he had already known the answer.

    Yes, besides her, who else was able to make My Lord act this way? And only because it was her that Yang Yong felt at ease placing her by My Lord's side.

    He hadn't thought of the Ghost Doctor at first, nor could he guess the identity of the person stood in front of him, but judging by My Lord's actions and then Yang Yong's, he was able to determine the identity of the person in front of him.
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