1490 Using a trick

    They immediately looked at the two Nascent Soul cultivators with displeasure. "What's the matter with you? Don't you know him? He is our master's eldest disciple, our senior brother. You guys act too unruly."

    The two Nascent Soul cultivators looked at each other, restrained the breath throughout their bodies and said to them, "He wants to go in to see the Peak Master, but Master has given an order that he went into seclusion and won't see anyone. You all know that. Since you are here, take him back!"

    After those two spoke out, they moved a few steps back and continued to guard at the peak gate.

    Hearing this, those few people were stunned and looked at Duan Mubai in amazement. "Senior Brother, are you going to see Master?"

    Their master gave an order. Since he went into seclusion and wouldn't meet anyone, it's very likely that he wouldn't be able to get in. However, why on earth did he want to see Master? Still, fighting with those two Nascent Soul cultivators for this reason?

    Duan Mubai took a deep breath and told them, "Junior Sister may be in danger. I have to go in and report this matter to Master." He didn't dare to tell these people that he suspected their Master had snatched Junior Sister because they would not believe it.

    Not to mention them, if it were him, if he hadn't seen too many abnormalities of their Master these days, he wouldn't believe it was true.

    When those people heard this, their expression changed. "What? Junior Sister is in danger? Could it be, could it be that what happened outside was... "

    When they thought of the possibility, those few disciples couldn't help but get nervous and looked at the two Nascent Soul cultivators. "We have to report such a big thing to the master. You should get out of the way. This kind of thing can't be delayed!"

    The two Nascent Soul cultivators didn't seem to expect this. They hesitated for a moment.

    "What are you waiting for? That is our Junior Sister, our master's disciple. You know how much our Master valued her. if something happens to her, do you think you can take the responsibility?"

    The two Nascent Soul cultivators frowned and whispered among themselves. Then, they told these few people, "In this case, please wait here! I'll go in and report it. If the Peak Master wants to meet you, he will let you in. " Then he turned around and went inside.

    Inside the cave, Master Third Sun heard the report from the Nascent Soul cultivator with a gloomy face. "Tell them to go back! Since the person is missing, let them go find her! I'm refining pills now. I can't be disturbed when refining this medicinal pill!"

    "Yes." That Nascent Soul cultivator answered and turned around to leave.

    "The Peak Master said that as the person is missing, you can go look for her. He can't be disturbed right now."

    Hearing this, Duan Mubai pulled several of his junior brothers over and whispered a few words to them. Then those junior brothers went up to them. "Is that so? Did our Master really wouldn't see us? Then, where are we going to find her?"

    While they got caught off guard, the disciples surrounded them. "Senior Brother, go in quickly!"

    "Thanks a lot." Duan Mubai hurried inside.

    The two Nascent Soul cultivators were startled and struggled immediately. "Let go! What is this... " Before they finished speaking, they smelled a secret fragrance with a peculiar scent. Their bodies turned soft and then fell down.

    "Hey, didn't I tell you this medicine works? I just refined it not long ago. Even Nascent Soul cultivators will also collapse."

    The alchemist ranked second in seniority said proudly. He told the others, "Let's go in and have a look."
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