1255 Why Is It In Your Hands

    Upon seeing this, he nodded: "Okay then! Since that's the case, you shall wait in the residence until I return. We will have lunch together." He handed her a jade token.

    "Keep hold of this, you can mobilize anyone in the residence."

    "You're giving me another token? I have so many tokens I haven't even used them all." She had quite a lot of tokens in space, there were ones from all the different forces. Now that he was giving her another one, she didn't really want to take it.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze hooked his lips and placed the jade token in her hand: "This is the residence's jade token, to see the token is like seeing me."

    She looked at the jade token and her eyes turned. She asked with a smile: "I can do anything with this jade token?"

    When he heard this, he frowned slightly: "What do you want to do?"

    "Gray Wolf told me to clean the toilets two days ago."

    "Humph! He's got some nerve, he actually dared to tell you to clean the toilets? You want to teach him a lesson? Just take the jade token and order people to do it." He adjusted his collar and said: "With this jade token, you can walk around the residence freely."

    "Okay. Then I shall get someone to prepare your horse carriage. While you are waiting, have your breakfast before you leave." She said with a smile and nodded. She walked out and ordered someone to prepare a horse-drawn carriage and sent someone else to bring the breakfast to be placed in the courtyard.

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze walked out and sat down by the table in the courtyard. He motioned for her to sit down to eat with him.

    When the secret guards in the courtyard saw this, they couldn't help but secretly look at the figure.

    "My Lord." Shadow One and Gray Wolf came into the courtyard and saluted respectfully.

    When he saw the figure sat beside My Lord, his expression remained normal. However, Gray Wolf glared at the figure with anger. Why could this kid sit and eat with My Lord, he wanted to beat him up just looking at him!

    After eating some food, Xuanyuan Mo Ze put down his chopsticks and said to Feng Jiu: "Take your time to eat! I will leave first."

    As soon as his voice fell, he said to the two people beside them: "Shadow One you shall accompany My Liege into the palace, Gray Wolf you shall stay here."

    "Yes." Shadow One responded and followed behind him after he rose from his seat and went out.

    When Gray Wolf saw My Lord had left and that kid was still sat at the table eating, he couldn't help but walk up to the table and slam his hand down on the table: "Kid! Didn't you see My Lord has left? You're still sitting here eating? Are you the master or is My Lord the master?"

    Not sure what was wrong with My Lord, why had he allowed this kid to continue eating? Was he not afraid that this kid would push his luck and want more?

    After Feng Jiu had finished eating the last bun, she put down her chopsticks and said: "Chief Guard, My Lord told me earlier that he wants you to brush the commode, you have to brush a hundred, or else....."

    "Who are you trying to fool? My Lord wants me to brush the commode? My Lord had already punished me a few days ago. I didn't do anything wrong these couple of days so why would My Lord say something like this? What's more, if that's the case then it should come from My Lord and not from you kid....."

    Before he could finish speaking, he saw a jade token swaying from the kid's hand. What he had wanted to say faltered away. He glared and asked: "You stole My Lord's jade token?"

    Feng Jiu rolled her eyes: "What sort of a person is My Lord? Would I be able to steal his things? He gave me this and said if you don't believe me then I can take this jade token out."

    "This, this, how is this possible?"

    His face wore a stunned expression: "Do you know, this jade token, this jade token is, is....." It could be used to mobilize anyone in the residence, why did My Lord give such an important jade token to him?
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