1491 Don’t Want To Live Anymore

    They looked at each other and mutually agreed, then they moved inside quickly. They wanted to find out what had happened, and if Junior Sister's disappearance had anything to do with Master. Eldest Senior Brother was so nervous, could it be that he knew something?

    Duan Mubai who had gone inside first and arrived in front of the bamboo house searched all around, and he could find no one. Therefore paused and pondered. He thought that they might be in the cave dwelling where Master used for alchemy, hence, he went in that direction.

    However, when he approached the cave dwelling, he found that where it once had no boundary barriers, there were now many boundary barriers set up around it. He bypassed several boundary barriers and came to the entrance of the cave dwelling. However, he found that he was not able to go any further as the boundary barrier that was in front of the entrance was set up by a Celestial Strong Exponent and wasn't something that he could easily break through.

    Upon seeing this, he shouted: "Master! Master! It's Disciple Mubai, I have an important matter to report to you! Master! I have an important matter to report to you!"

    Master Third Sun who was preparing spirit herbs inside the cave dwelling and had just placed all the spirit herbs he needed out on the table when he heard the noise coming from outside. When he heard the voice, his face suddenly changed.

    He had already ordered that he should not be disturbed and yet he still entered the Peak at this time. Why did the two Nascent Soul cultivators who were supposed to be guarding the entrance to the Peak let him in?

    "Master, Master, Disciple Mubai has an important matter to report!"

    When he heard the loud voice coming in from outside, his face was sullen as he shouted: "How dare you! Didn't I give orders that I am not to be disturbed? Do my orders mean nothing to you?"

    "Master, Junior Sister is missing. I saw traces of fighting and blood outside the Sect but no sign of Junior Sister, Master...."

    "Nonsense! Your Junior Sister has gone down the mountain to practice, how can she disappear? You don't need to worry about her, with her strength and wit, nothing will happen to her."

    Master Third Sun said in a calm voice and glanced at the unconscious Shangguan Wanrong, whose hands and feet were bound.

    No one would be able to find her in here.

    "Master, please come out to see your disciple, I have something to ask you face to face." Duan Mubai said once again, in his heart he was more and more sure that Shangguan Wanrong was inside Master's cave dwelling.

    "Whatever you have to say you can wait till I come out of seclusion! Go back immediately!"

    Upon hearing this, he felt anxious, and asked immediately: "Master, is Junior Sister inside the cave dwelling?"

    "How dare you! Duan Mubai, you have some nerve!" Master Third Sun's face was livid and his voice trembled with anger. At that moment, he couldn't tolerate it any longer and stepped outside.

    "Do you know what you are saying? Go back immediately! Otherwise I will kick you out of the Sect today!" Master Third Sun who had walked out of the cave dwelling stared at Duan Mubai with anger in his eyes and a hint of murder intent rose in his heart.

    He was going to refine a life prolonging elixir, whoever dared hinder him would have him to deal with! He would not let anyone off easily if they got in his way!

    If they dared stop him from living, he would kill them! Even if he was his disciple! No life was more important than his life!

    When he saw him come outside, Duan Mubai was heartbroken. He knelt down immediately and said: "Master, Junior Sister is your disciple, please let her go! Master's prestige and reputation should not be destroyed here today, and it should not be destroyed like this!"

    Master Third Sun's eyes were somber: "Duan Mubai, every word out of your mouth is accusatory to your Master. This is treason, I reckon you don't want to live anymore!"
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