1257 Stay Strong Enough

    Give me some more time, one day I will be so strong that no one would dare despise me, strong enough to stand by your side and look down upon the world as we ride on carriages out of the palace. Xuanyuan Mo Ze's expression was dark and grim, the change of breath in his body enveloped the entire carriage with a suppressed breath.

    He leaned against the side and closed his eyes, slowly adjusting his breath. After a while, he opened his eyes again, and this time, the breath on his body had eased up.

    The Crown Prince and Third Princess of Scarlett Water Country are coming? And his Father's intentions are to join in marriage with Scarlett Water Country? If the woman in his residence was to find out about this matter, he would probably be choked to death by her.

    He was thinking about it all the way, til he arrived at the main gate and got out of the carriage then walked straight towards the main courtyard. When he had arrived at the main courtyard and asked around, he found out that she had gone to the kitchen.

    "Get him back here."

    After he spoke, Shadow One who was beside him responded and left the courtyard to look for her. Inside, he wondered, if the Ghost Doctor had found out about this matter, what would she do? Also, this matter was too much of a coincidence, if it didn't happen earlier or later, but just when the Ghost Doctor was at the residence.

    When he thought about the Crown Prince and Third Princess of the Scarlet Water Country arriving at the residence, he felt that the days ahead would surely be chaotic.

    Feng Jiu was indeed in the kitchen. She had come to chat to the kitchen ladies because she was idle, and also getting something to eat at the same time. While she was chatting, she heard Shadow One's voice.

    "Little Plum, My Lord wants you to go back."

    When she looked back, she saw Shadow One was walking over from not too far away. After she heard his words, she asked: "He's back?" As she spoke, she had already stood up and started walking outside.

    Upon seeing this, Shadow One followed behind. He realised that he had not seen Gray Wolf since he had returned and couldn't help but felt curious, so he planned to go look for him later.

    When she got to the main courtyard, she saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze wasn't in the courtyard but in his bedroom. Hence, she went inside. Shadow One had only followed her to the main courtyard and glanced at the closed bedroom door once before he turned to leave.

    "What's wrong?"

    When Feng Jiu entered the bedroom, she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze sitting at the table with a dark face. She came to his side and poured him a glass of water.

    Xuanyuan Mozo looked at her and replied: "There may be guests in the residence over the next few days."

    "You're upset because there will be guests? Are they acquaintances?" She raised her eyebrows teasingly.

    "Scarlet Water Country from one of the Eight Great Empires, they are closest to our Xuanyuan Dynasty geographically. The people who will be coming this time are their Crown Prince and Third Princess. My Imperial Father has ordered that I will have to entertain the two of them."

    If anyone in Xuanyuan Dynasty was able to suppress him, then that person would no doubt be his Emperor Father. It would be him. He didn't know what strength he had reached, he only knew that he was strong, and much stronger than him.

    "Then entertain them well! Or..." She glanced at him and smiled: "Are you afraid it would be uncomfortable with me here? Don't worry, I am not such a petty person."

    Upon hearing those words, he put his arms around her and pulled her down to sit with him: "My Imperial Father has the intention of joining in marriage with Scarlet Water Country. Don't you worry, I will never agree to it. I have always made my own decisions and solved my own problems. Even if that person is my Father, he will not be my Master."

    Feng Jiu's eyes moved slightly and she said: "I believe you, as long as I am strong enough, no one will dare and no one will be able to stop us from being together."
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