1493 I Am Willing To Serve

    Ruan Changchun grinned and waved his hands: "No, no, no, Master you are mistaken. I just wanted to know if Master needs an assistant while practising alchemy in your cave. Disciple can help."

    He paused and then grinned: "Master, you understand Changchun the best. Changchun has never disobeyed an order from Master, am I right? Although Eldest Senior Brother said that Master has captured Junior Sister and wants to kill Junior Sister, but I think that it must all be Eldest Senior Brother's imagination."

    As he spoke, he observed his expression. When he mentioned that he had captured Junior Sister and wanted to kill her, there was a strange colour in his eyes. His heart sank.

    Was it really Master's doing? Was it because Eldest Senior Brother had known about this matter, that was why Master laid such a heavy hand on him?

    The more he thought about it, the colder his heart became. He felt shock and disbelief, yet the expression on his face was still a smile, a heartless look.

    "No need, you may leave! Look after your Senior Brother and don't disturb my refinement." Master Third Sun's voice eased a little. He took a deep look at Ruan Changchun and said: "As long as I am successful in refining this pill, I will definitely reward you."

    "Yes, thank you Master."

    There was a look of surprise on his face as he quickly thanked him and left. Just after he had turned, his smile narrowed and the expression on his face turned somber.

    Feng Jiu had observed everything quietly in a hiding place. Her eyes moved slightly and she wondered to herself: How will she save her? When will she save her? After she saved her, how will they leave? She had to think about it carefully. What she was sure of was that now was not the right time to strike.

    In order to avoid being discovered, she had to continue to lurk in the shadows while she waited for the best time to make her move.

    Master Third Sun was a Celestial Strong Exponent and she only had a Nascent Soul cultivation base. Although the difference in cultivation was only one level, however, Master Third Sun didn't major in combat power so she had some chance of winning in terms of fighting.

    However, the question is how would she send her mother out of here safely once she had rescued her? The Sect was bound to be alerted if she fought against Master Third Sun, so if the entire Sect was besieging her, how could she safely rescue her mother?

    It was impossible to expose Master Third Sun's false front to everyone. If the Sect knew, they would never allow the news of Master Third Sun's murderous behavior to spread, they would only help hide the facts.

    If the scandal were to be exposed, it wouldn't be good and would affect their Sect. Moreover, this was just the basis of the strongest surviving in the world of cultivating immortals. It happened everywhere in the world. Who never had the blood of innocent people on their hands?

    They would only look at the benefits of it, so she couldn't expect the people in the Sect to come forward to deal with the matter.

    On the other side, Ruan Changchun headed towards his Eldest Senior Brother's cave dwelling on the Eighth Peak and saw many people surrounding the cave dwelling. They must have heard of his injuries. His disciples had rushed over but they were unable to enter the cave dwelling.

    Luo Heng was also amongst the many disciples and he was at a loss as were the others about the sudden injury of their Master. Everyone was discussing and trying to figure out what was going on. In the entire Third Sun Peak, the only person who could hurt their Master and the only person who had the ability to hurt their Master was their Master Third Sun. But, was this possible?
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