1260 Where Is Your Lord?

    As they headed towards the East Palace, Gray Wolf couldn't help but said admiringly to Yang Yong: "Old Yang, you are a really good steward! You were neither humble nor pushy when you spoke to the Country Ruler, when I saw him I could hardly breathe."

    Yang Yong smiled warmly: "It's nothing. We just need to remember that My Lord is called Xuanyuan Mo Ze. We don't have to worry about who we need to show respect to or don't, so we don't have to fear anyone."

    "No wonder My Lord lets you deal with everything. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to do it." When My Lord had left in the past, he would put Yang Yong in charge of the whole residence and nothing would happen. If it had been him, he wouldn't have had the ability.

    "Everyone has their own strengths, I can't compare to your strengths either."

    When he heard this, he asked excitedly: "Oh? Is there something you can't compare with me? What is it?"

    When he heard this, Yang Yong's lips twitched and he glanced at him: "Rushing forward bravely, I can't do that."

    "Oh? Well, I suppose you tend to think things matter over. I'm not like you, I make a move when I don't agree with something." He nodded, seemingly proud.

    Yang Yong smiled warmly but didn't say anything. After they had arrived outside the East Palace, they waited for about two hours before they saw two people come out from inside. A glint of light flashed across his warm gaze as he looked over the two people up and down discreetly.

    The man was about twenty five years old or older and was fully clothed in purple robes with a jade that hung from his waist belt. He was handsome and his complexion was a bit pale, his whole body gave off a feminine feel instead.

    As for the woman beside him, she was dressed in gorgeous robes and both her hands were placed in front of her. Her pace was smooth and elegant, her beauty exuded noble air. The red flame mark between her eyebrows added to her unique styles. Her eyes were flirtatious and charming, it was unforgettable at first sight.

    They were indeed worthy of being two people whom the Scarlet Water Country of the Eight Great Empires valued most. The excellence of these two people were beyond expectations.

    Putting aside his thoughts, he stepped forward and bowed respectfully: "Subject is Yang Yong, greetings to Crown Prince and Third Princess of Scarlet Water Country."

    "Yang Yong?" Scarlet Water Country's Crown Prince's eyes widened as her gaze swept across him.

    "Yes, I am under orders from My Lord to bring you back to the residence."

    "Your Lord is Xuanyuan Mo Ze?"

    "That's right."

    "Lead the way." He waved his hand and gestured.

    "Please." He bent slightly and gestured with his hand then brought them back to the residence with Gray Wolf.

    When the Crown Prince and Third Princess of Scarlet Water Country arrived at Xuanyuan Dynasty, they brought a team of mighty men with them. Therefore, when this team of men arrived at the Crown Prince's residence, their formidable strength had attracted everybody's attention.

    However, other than a few trusted followers, the others were unable to enter the residence. Therefore, after they had arrived at the gate of the residence, the Crown Prince had ordered the men with him to make arrangements for the accompanying guards while he and his younger sister entered the residence with their ten trusted followers.

    Yang Yong had personally brought them to the North Courtyard to get settled in, the entire North Courtyard was at their disposal. Afterwards, he said to the two people: "If you find anything lacking, you can send someone to look for me and I will make the arrangements for both of you."

    "Mmm." The Scarlet Water Country Crown Prince responded and looked around. After eyeing up the place, he asked: "Is Your Lord home? His guest has already arrived. Does he intend to avoid seeing us?"
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