1496 Medicated Whip

    "Your spirit-gathering body is a mobile storage of spiritual power. For me, it is the best choice to use as a human furnace. Do you know why I insisted that you cultivate and advance to the Nascent Soul stage? It's because the cohesion of your Nascent Soul energy when you first advance is the best drug for a human furnace, a drug that can help your Master, I, live long and well."

    He stared at her with a slightly crazed expression and said: "Actually, you should be thankful, thankful that you have been chosen by me. Not everyone is so lucky to have this kind of opportunity. Don't worry, after you die, I will take good care of your family clan. I'm sure they will be very happy and willing to sacrifice your life for the prosperity of the entire clan."

    "Mad man!"

    Shangguan Wanrong stared at him as she spat out those two words. Yes, he was crazy. In her eyes, he had already gone mad. He only thought of his survival and didn't hesitate to sacrifice other people's lives in the process because in his eyes, no one's life was as important as his.

    He was afraid of death. Therefore, he tried every means possible to find ways for him to prolong his life. He had even forgotten that he was an alchemist, a well-respected Master, he had lost his morals.

    He only wanted to live, and only him. Such a person could only be a lunatic.



    The whip that was soaked in liquid medicine was unleashed shortly after she had called him a mad man. The whip flitted through the air and brought with it a sharp current which slapped her body so hard that she couldn't help but scream.


    The whip fell directly over her shoulder onto her white dress. Her white dress was torn apart from the whip's blow and scarlet blood had seeped into her clothes, causing fear to rise in her heart.

    A strong medicinal scent was swept across the air with the whip, especially the whip that had landed on Shangguan Wanrong's body. The medicated liquid seemed to have seeped into her skin through the skin and flesh of her wound.

    "Sss! Ahhhhhh!"

    Her wound was painful and was accompanied by a scorching sensation. Although it was only a whio, she could tell that something was wrong.

    "How do you feel? The medicine is not bad isn't it? This is a medical primer to mobilise the drugs in your body. I assume you don't know that I have placed drugs within your body and sealed it in your arm? The effects of the drugs have not been mobile, and with your ability, you wouldn't be aware of the problem."

    Master Third Sun smiled and whipped her body repeatedly with the medicated whip. He stared at Shangguan Wanrong confidently and said: "It's not just you, even your Eldest Senior Brother Mubai didn't notice anything different."




    Shangguan Wanrong screamed once again. The pain from her wound being penetrated by the whip repeatedly was unbearable. Blood oozed out as her skin and flesh was ripped open. The liquid medicine from the whip had seeped into her skin and flesh and the hot burning sensation was like a hot soldering iron pressing onto her skin.

    The pain equivalent to the cutting of her flesh made it unbearable for her and her face turned pale. She seemed to have lost her strength and her body dangled weakly as the chains that bound her hands tugged on them.
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