1261 Very outstanding

    "Your Highness the Crown Prince must be exhausted after a long trip. Please have a rest today. Tomorrow, my my Lord will be in the mansion to hold a welcoming banquet for you two. You'll naturally meet my my Lord at that time."

    Yang Yong rose slightly. "I will retire first."

    Seeing Yang Yong turn around and leave, the Third Princess, who had not spoken from the beginning, said, "Big Brother, Crown Prince Xuanyuan has many talented subordinates. Such a person is actually just one of his stewards."

    "You may not know that Yang Yong is the second son of an influential family in the Xuanyuan Empire. However, he followed Xuanyuan Mo Ze since he was a child. His ability and means are excellent, and he is loyal and trusted by Xuanyuan Mo Ze."

    "Crown Prince Xuanyuan is known as the head of all Crown Princes in the Eight Supreme Empires. Is that man really so outstanding? How does he compare with Big Brother?" The woman asked with a trace of curiosity.

    In her heart, her Big Brother was the most outstanding person. Unexpectedly, she heard that the Xuanyuan Empire's Crown Prince was listed as the head among all Crown Princes of the Eight Supreme Empires. Even the rulers of the Eight Supreme Empires didn't dare to despise this man.

    This time, her Imperial Father also told her that he wanted to form an alliance with the Xuanyuan Empire in marriage and this person belonged only to her. On this trip, she not only followed her brother to visit but also to see Crown Prince Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was commended and respected by everyone.

    Was that person really that outstanding? Could he be worthy of her?

    Scarlet Water Country Crown Prince's expression changed slightly when he heard that and a gloomy light flashed in his eyes. "I also want to meet this Crown Prince Xuanyuan, to see if he's really that outstanding!"

    In a different location, after arranging the two people in the North Courtyard, Yang Yong entered the main courtyard. He came to the table and called out, "My Lord."

    "Mm, is everything set up?" Xuanyuan Mo Ze was playing chess with Feng Jiu, so his gaze was glued at the chessboard and didn't even raise his head.

    "Yes, it's all arranged. They want to see my Lord. I told them that tomorrow my Lord will hold a banquet for them in the mansion and will meet them tomorrow." He briefed him on the arrangements.

    "What's your impression of these two?" Xuanyuan Mo Ze played the next move, then looked up and inquired Yang Yong.

    Yang Yong glanced at Feng Jiu and replied after a pause. "Outstanding. Excellent beyond my expectation."

    Seeing that he looked at her before answering, Feng Jiu couldn't help smiling. She didn't say anything.

    But Gray Wolf was a little confused. "Old Yang, just say it. Why did you have to look at Little Plum? It has nothing to do with him, does it?"

    Shadow One beside him sighed inwardly, thinking, how could this fool not see that person sitting here was not Little Plum, but Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu?

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze also glanced at him but did not say anything. He told Yang Yong, "Mm, have someone set it up! I'll see them tomorrow."

    "Yes." Yang Yong replied and withdrew.

    "You two withdraw, too." Xuan Yuan Mo Ze made a gesture for Gray Wolf and Shadow One to retreat.


    Shadow One answered. Only Gray Wolf kept standing there while staring at the sitting boy, and then asked, "My Lord, do you want to let Little Plum go out, too? This kid doesn't do anything for you all day. I think it's better for him to sweep the floor, water the plants and pull the weeds than to hang around here."

    Shadow One hurriedly left and didn't dare stay any longer.

    When Feng Jiu heard this, she couldn't help but chuckle...
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