1262 Meeting the Third Princess

    Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this and glanced at him coldly.

    But, Gray Wolf didn't see it because he heard the boy laughing. Feeling resentful, he stared at Feng Jiu. "Kid, what are you laughing at? Say! What are you laughing at? "

    When she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze about to open his mouth, Feng Jiu stood up and made a gesture for him not to move. So, she told Gray Wolf with a smile, "No, Chief Guard, you're right, so I'll let you have a seat. Come, sit here."

    She pulled him to the place where she had just sat down. It was exactly facing Xuanyuan Mo Ze. She smiled. "You are here to chat with my Lord. I will go to sweep the floor, water the flowers, and then pull out the grass."

    "No, you..."

    He couldn't sit still, because his Lord sitting on the opposite side was staring at him coldly. Even if he didn't speak, the pressure he emitted made Gray Wolf tremble with fear. He was fidgety on his seat and wanted to escape. However, the young man still insisted that he sat down.

    "It's alright. Just stay here and chat with my Lord. I think you must have a lot to say to him. Just sit here! I'll water the flowers first." She held back a smile and went out.

    "No, don't go, ah!" He was afraid now. Sitting opposite his Lord and chat with him? He couldn't do this stressful job! He wanted to stand up and leave, but then he heard his Lord's voice.

    "Where are you going? Not sitting anymore?" Xuanyuan Mo Ze gave him a chilly look.

    "Hehe, my Lord, I, I want to sweep the floor to water flowers and pull weeds. Let's let Little Plum come back to accompany you to chat, have tea and play chess." He smiled sheepishly and looked at his Lord with a tense expression.

    "Didn't you say he was just lazing around?"

    "Hahaha, did I? Not everyone can accompany my Lord to pass the time. I'll go and get her back now. " With that, he quickly got up and went out.


    Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at his departing figure and snorted severely. This idiot, people around him had seen Feng Jiu's identity. He's a fool. It's in vain that he used to have a lot of contact with Feng Jiu. She floated about in front of him all day and he still couldn't recognize her.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu walked around after getting out of the courtyard. She took out a piece of fruit from the space and ate it while taking a walk. When she passed by the rockery, she heard a voice.

    "That servant boy over there, come here."

    She followed the voice and saw a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress standing in the garden on the other side of the rockery. In the Pavilion behind, there was a feminine-looking man in a purple robe. When she saw them, she guessed their identities. She didn't want to talk to her, but she could only come over when someone called and called out for her.

    So, after eating the fruit in her hand, she walked around the rockery and saluted. "Third Princess is calling this little one?" She asked, smiling with her eyes narrowed, while quietly looking at the beautiful woman in front of her.

    Seeing this woman, she understood why Yang Yong said she was very outstanding.

    It's because she was truly excellent. Whether it was her temperament or appearance or cultivation, everything was first-class. What's more, at the age of about 17 or 18 years old, she was as beautiful as a flower. Standing here, she was superior to all the flowers that blossomed in an array of colours. It was obvious to all that her beauty was remarkable.
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