1497 Went Up To Third Sun Peak Personally

    When the black iron shackles twitched and made a clunking sound, Master Third Sun looked at her pale and sweaty face and said: "Wanrong, you must hold on. This is an unavoidable process. I don't want to do this to you, but the medicine is only useful if it is used this way, it can only penetrate your body this way. Every strike of the whip will make you wish you were dead, and the burning sensation is the effect of the medicine. You must hold on. You are the chosen human furnace for me. All my hopes are pinned on you."

    While he spoke, he pinched her lips together to open her mouth and forced a pill into her mouth. At the same time, the whip in his hand twitched again and the sound of her screams was accompanied by the sound of the whip on her body. Her screams would make one's heart tremble, but it could only be heard within the walls of the cave. On the outside, it was completely inaudible.

    In the evening, after the sky darkened, the few Peak Masters couldn't help themselves and went up to Third Sun Peak personally to investigate. However, unexpectedly, when they arrived at the entrance of the Ninth Peak, they were stopped by the two Nascent Soul cultivators.

    "The Peak Master has ordered that he is not to be disturbed while he is practicing alchemy."

    The two of them said and looked at the few Peak Masters with vigilance. These people had come here for no reason. Could they have been entrusted by the Peak Master's disciples? What were they trying to do? Have they come to cause trouble again?

    "We have something to discuss with your Peak Master. Step down. He won't blame you." One of the Peak Masters waved his hand and said.

    "But..." The two Nascent Soul cultivators frowned hesitantly.

    "No buts, we will bear all responsibility." Another Peak Master said and strode forward. At this moment, Ruan Changchun's voice came from behind.

    "Hey? Peak Masters? Why are you here? Are you here to see my Master? But our Master is refining pills and won't see anyone."

    Ruan Changchun stepped forward vigilantly and smiled at them: "Please, go back! Don't disturb my Master practicing alchemy."

    One of the Peak Masters looked at Ruan Changchun and raised his eyebrows; "Aren't you supposed to be drunk? Why are you so sober now?"

    "Hehe, my two Junior Brothers gave me alcohol-relieving pills. As soon as I heard that Peak Masters were coming I had to come and take a look for myself. Our Master has given orders that he will not see anyone." He smiled awkwardly and blocked their path.

    "Really? But we have extremely important matters we need to discuss with your Master. We really need to see him."

    Where there were doubts in their hearts initially, now that they have seen the panic in Ruan Changchun's eyes and his obstructing them, they were more and more certain that it was true that Master Third Sun was refining a Heaven-defying pill.

    The few Peak Masters looked at each other immediately and strode inside.

    "Hey, Peak Masters, Peak Masters, don't be like this!" Ruan Changchun shouted but followed behind them. When he saw them going into the bamboo house, he said: "My Master is practicing alchemy in the cave dwelling over there, he really can't be disturbed."

    When they heard this, one of the Peak Master's eyes moved slightly and glanced back at him with thoughtful eyes.

    "So he's in the cave dwelling! It seems that it must really be an incredible pill. Master Third Sun usually refines pills in the bamboo house. He only goes into the alchemy cave when it's an extremely important pill. I'm really curious, what Heaven-defying pill is he refining?"
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