1498 Torture?

    When the others heard his words, they fell silent. That's right, Master Third Sun usually refined pills in the bamboo house. He only went into the cave dwelling when he used higher quality elixir herbs and didn't want to be disturbed. That said, this pill must be very important to Master Third Sun.

    This notion was in all their heads. By the time they had arrived at the entrance of the cave dwelling, they saw that there were multiple boundary barriers surrounding it, and right in front of the entrance to the cave had another layer of enchantment.

    After glancing at everyone else, one of them shouted: "Brother Third Sun, Brother Third Sun?"

    Inside the cave dwelling, Master Third Sun was tired from whipping and was about to prepare the next stage of medicine. He had walked out of the alchemy room to get something and was just about to go back inside when he heard a voice coming from outside. He frowned involuntarily.

    "Brother Third Sun? Brother Third Sun?" Another person shouted.

    At this point, when the people outside noticed that there was no sound coming from inside the cave dwelling, they couldn't help but look at each other. Just at this moment, Ruan Changchun rushed up to the front: "Master, Master, the Peak Masters forced their way into Third Sun Peak insisting they have something to ask you. If Master doesn't come out, they will break through the barriers!"

    When the Peak Masters heard this, they glanced at him in surprise. They hadn't said anything about breaking through the barriers! After all, they had already overstepped their boundaries by forcing their way into Master Third Sun's territory, how would they dare to break through the barriers?

    However, as soon as Ruan Changchun had finished speaking, Master Third Sun could be seen storming out angrily.

    "What are you all doing here? You're disturbing my alchemy session, could it be that you are all up to something?" Master Third Sun was extremely angry that he had been interrupted so many times, and at the moment, his anger rose even more as he was unable to suppress it.

    After being questioned in this manner, the expressions on the Peak Masters' faces were a little embarrassed. After all, what they were doing at this moment was indeed a little beneath their statuses.

    One of them coughed slightly and said: "You see, we heard that Brother Third Sun is refining a Heaven-defying pill so we have come over to see if you need any help. Brother Third Sun knows that we cannot compare to you in terms of alchemy so we want to use this opportunity to learn something from you."


    Master Third Sun snorted heavily and said: "You are all alchemists, don't you know that the pet peeve of alchemists is to be disturbed during an alchemy session? Leave now! Otherwise, once I have finished refining my pill, I will lodge a complaint to the Sect Master and ask him to uphold justice!"

    Upon hearing this, the expressions of the Peak Masters stiffened. They hadn't expected to be rejected so swiftly. They couldn't help but look at each other. Then suddenly, one of the alchemists looked startled as he noticed the whip in Master Third Sun's hand and stared at it with a strange expression.

    "Brother Third Sun, why do you need a whip to refine pills? Why does your whip appear to be soaked in liquid medicine?"

    After that Peak Master had spoken, the other Peak Masters also noticed that Master Third Sun had a whip in his hand. The whip was soaked in liquid medicine, that was why they could smell such a strong scent of medicine. They hadn't noticed as they thought that it was coming from inside the alchemy cave dwelling. However, they were unable to ignore the situation in front of them. What was going on?

    If he was refining pills, why did he need a whip? What on earth was he refining?

    Ruan Changchun lowered his head to hide his red rimmed eyes, his hands beneath his sleeves were twisted tightly into fists. He had already noticed the whip when his Master had first come out. That whip was soaked in liquid medicine and there were also traces of blood on it....

    Master, was he torturing Junior Sister?
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