1263 A bold and obstinate slave

    Come to think of it, how could a princess of the Scarlet Water Empire, one of the Eight Supreme Empires, be ordinary?

    "You know me?" The Scarlet Water Princess was surprised and took a look at the boy.

    "Yes, all of us at the mansion know that the Scarlet Water Empire's Crown Prince and the Third Princess have visited our mansion."

    Hearing this, she nodded and asked, "Is your Lord at home?"

    Feng Jiu grinned. "He seems to be home as well as not home."

    The beautiful princess knitted her brows slightly. "At home as well as not at home?"

    "This means the little one didn't see my Lord go out, yet he didn't see my Lord at home either. So, I don't know if my Lord is home or not."

    "Which side is the main courtyard where your Lord lives?" The Scarlet Water Country's Princess asked again.

    "Third Princess, our steward said to prepare a banquet tomorrow where my Lord will give you a welcoming feast. Tomorrow you will see my Lord." She spoke with a smile without giving her a clear answer.

    The Scarlet Water Crown Prince, who was sitting in the pavilion, glanced at the figure and told the Third Princess. "What's the difficulty in meeting Xuanyuan Mo Ze? I have plenty of ways to get him out by himself." As he spoke, he stood up and walked out of the pavilion.

    Amazed, the Scarlet Water Third Princess looked back at her elder brother and asked, "Big Brother, what do you mean by that?"

    A way to let Xuanyuan Mo Ze come out by himself? When they came to this mansion, Xuanyuan Mo Ze should have come out to see them. He obviously didn't take them seriously, seeing from his act of disappearing after settling them down like this.

    Feng Jiu looked at the figure coming towards her and couldn't help raise her eyebrows. She wondered, what did the Crown Prince want to do? While she was still pondering over it, she heard a loud shout accompanied by an oppressive pressure directed towards her.

    "Bold and obstinate slave! So arrogant that no one else matters, unbridled!"

    His fierce shout came with strong pressure. Feng Jiu was still standing motionless. She only scratched her head, glanced left and right, and looked at the Scarlet Water Crown Prince with doubt.

    "Your Highness the Crown Prince, who are you talking about?"

    The Scarlet Water Empire's Crown Prince and the Third Princess immediately turned stiff. They looked at the servant boy who stood there like a wooden stake. They saw that he was not at all affected by the pressure from the Crown Prince and could still stand there absolutely still with a face full of doubt.

    "Kneel down for me!"

    The Crown Prince roared again with a gloomy face. A pressure visible to the naked eye enveloped the servant boy in front of him.

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and stepped back. "Your Highness the Crown Prince and Third Princess, if there is nothing else, then I will withdraw first."

    Seeing that the servant boy retreated as if he didn't feel it, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince's eyes flashed. He fiercely reached out to attack the retreating boy. "Want to leave? Did I give you permission? " His voice was filled with killing intent as his hand flew toward the retreating Feng Jiu's neck as if moved by anger, trying to wring her neck.

    "Hiss! Stop it!"

    Gray Wolf, looking for Feng Jiu, saw that scene and his face turned white with fear. This Little Plum was very precious to his Lord! If he were killed by the Scarlet Water Crown Prince, it would be a big deal.

    He shouted for them to stop while sweeping forward at the same time. But, due to some distance and the Crown Prince ignored his warning shout, Gray Wolf saw the Crown Prince's hand was about to pinch Little Plum's slender and fragile neck. He was scared witless.

    But in the next moment, all his fear had turned into astonishment and shock...
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