1264 Dodge

    Because he saw the young man dodging Scarlet Water Crown Prince's move with ease. Although her feet only moved a step, its exquisiteness made him feel incredible. Faintly, it was as if he saw someone's figure in them.

    "I didn't expect that there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons in Crown Prince Xuanyuan's mansion. Even a servant boy has such skills." Scarlet Water Crown Prince slightly narrowed his eyes as sinister light flashed by his eyes, staring at the retreating servant boy. He was shocked inwardly.

    Even a servant boy had such skills. How many hidden strong men were there in this mansion that he couldn't detect?

    "Crown Prince flatters me. I'm just doing odd jobs here."

    She put on a fake smile, staring at two people for a while and told them in a meaningful way. "Crown Prince, don't be too impulsive. After all, you're a guest. And one thing is, my Lord is very protective. He won't take for granted easily who's missing or scarce in this mansion."

    After saying this, she curled her lips and sneered. With a glance at them, she saw their thoughts clearly.

    "Scarlet Water Crown Prince, even if the people in our mansion have done something wrong, we should also discipline ourselves. I hope there won't be another case of a sudden attack like today." Gray Wolf opened his mouth. After a pause, he looked at them and said, "I will report what happened here today to my Lord."

    It was only after uttering these words that he told Feng Jiu, "Let's go!"

    After all, he was a guest here. The Scarlet Water Crown Prince looked at the two departing people but he did not stop or attack them. His eyes were gloomy and his heart felt unpleasant.

    "Big Brother, let's go back first." The Third Princess came forward and urged him.

    The Crown Prince responded with a nod and cast a glance at the two men who had already gone far, then went to the North Courtyard. Seeing this, the Third Princess hurriedly followed to the courtyard...

    On the other side, Gray Wolf took the boy far away, until they came to a tree. He stopped, looked at the person beside him with some doubt, and tentatively called out, "Ghost Doctor?"

    "Feng Jiu?" He called again. It's because the boy's dodging motion was very familiar, similar to Ghost Doctor's move. He waited for the response.

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled. "You finally recognize me! It really isn't easy eh!"

    "Ah? It's really you!"

    Since she admitted it, Gray Wolf was startled. "Why are you here? Did you come alone? I can't believe you got into the house recklessly. Did those guys Yang Yong and Shadow One know earlier? They're not very kind to always keep me in the dark!"

    He was a little indignant. "That Scarlet Water Crown Prince actually wanted to attack you. How did you get into trouble with them? They are also too arrogant, dare to do so in our mansion. I think they are angry that his Lord did not go to see them. "

    Feng Jiu smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't provoke them. They provoked me."

    "It's too much. I'll let my Lord teach them a lesson."

    He said scornfully. "By the way, my Lord is in the courtyard. Go back first! I'll be there later."

    "Mm." She answered and went in the direction of the main courtyard.

    At this time, she did not know that the scene at the garden was already reported in detail to Xuanyuan Mo Ze by a dark guard. When he heard those words, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's expression darkened...
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